DIY Non Candy Valentines

When Gav was in preschool, I wanted to do all the Pinterest-y Valentine things for his class. Back then it was easy though, there were five kids in his class. Total. His class sizes have certainly grown in size now and I just felt like DIY was going to be too much. But I came up with some fun, simple, cost friendly Valentines that you can put together just as quickly as the store bought variety. Bonus points: They lend themselves to be candy free! Be sure to scroll all the way down for the free printable sheets!

These can certainly be used with candy, fruit snacks, etc. But I wanted to steer away from candy for two reasons this year. One, Ro has two classmates with severe food allergies and, two, my kids eat enough sugar and I’m sure other mom’s feel the same way. So here are the fun Valentines I came up with for my boys this year.

I bought the superhero masks at Walmart for about $2 for a pack of 8. They are light weight, colorful and can be easily attached with some washi tape. I recommend using washi tape versus regular tape because it doesn’t rip the paper when you take it off.

For Gav’s classmates, I went with something that has been a hit with him for awhile now, finger lights. I bought a pack of 40 off amazon for $8. Now clearly, I don’t need that many but I can use them as prizes at home, something for my students at the dance studio, or who knows what. I know they will get used up no problem! I just took some twine and tied a card onto each. These would also be really cute with a glow stick/bracelet/etc.

All I have to do now is put their names on them. Super easy to put together and really cute!

Click the links below for the sheets!


Do you have any favorite DIY Valentines?


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