November 5 Favorites

It’s December 6th and I’m finally getting around to sharing my monthly favorites for last month. This first week of December has been a doozy for us. Our little family of four is 75% out with the flu. I’m the 25% that has survived so far, so I’m downing all the elderberry I can and trying to get everyone back to healthy. Tis the season though, right?

November is a special month for our family because of birthdays, Turkey Day (of course), and hubby and my anniversary. We celebrated our 8th year of marriage by doing…nothing. Between parent life, work schedules, and just life in general, we said, “Yay for us!” and went about our day. Honestly, I’m completely fine with it. I, personally, don’t really need gifts for these types of occasions. It’s not my love language and I can be pretty frugal with the money. This is certainly not to say that it’s wrong if that’s what you want. If you want gifts on your anniversary, that’s great. If you don’t, like me, that’s great too. (And I totally get it!). However, Hubby just can’t come home empty handed so he bought me a bottle of wine (two actually…true love), a single rose, and wrote me a very sweet card. That’s more than enough for me.

Anyway…on to the favorites! I feel like every month I’m sitting here saying that the month flew by. But then I sit in weeks like this one just struggling to get to the next. A lot of that has to do with everyone being sick, I know, but time is a strange beast.

1. #BUSSTOPFANCY – Have you seen this? I participated and it’s the best thing ever. In an attempt to make us all feel a little better about the fact that none of us are perfect, Hannah over at Cold Coffee Hot Mess (How awesome and accurate is her blog title?!) issued the “Bus Stop Fancy” challenge. Posting a picture of how I look at the bus stop was not easy, but it felt good. I got some great, positive feedback and I hope it made others feel good about themselves. There’s more to these feeds than pretty curated squares.

2. Bottle Brush Trees – Thanks to my girl, Amy Lou Hawthorne, and all of her super cute posts of her collection, I now have an obsession too. I love them so much that I just might keep them up year round! Well, maybe not all of them but definitely a few. Check out the DIY snow globe ornament I made with the cutest little mini trees!

Some of my favorites have come from Hobby Lobby and Target’s Dollar Spot this year.

3. Dear Santa Letter Paper – I posted about this on Instagram not too long ago. I found the cutest letter paper in the scrapbook section of Hobby Lobby. The boys wrote out their requests and we “sent them off” to the North Pole.

4. Christmas Mugs – Since completely redoing our coffee station in our kitchen, I took some inspiration from Laurie of The Glam Farmhouse and started collecting seasonal mugs. Target has some fabulous ones as well as World Market, Home Goods, and even some craft stores!

5. Mug Rack – While we’re on the topic of mugs, my new mug rack (which is actually labeled as a glass drying rack) was a super exciting find. I had tried a different one but it was too big for the space and the finish was too dark. I have a smaller home with limited natural light so the smaller and brighter, the better when it comes to certain decor. I found mine at World Market. It’s slender, white, and a great price. I placed it on a simple lazy Susan from Target (I think it was only $12.) and it’s perfect!

What did you love from last month?

PS:  I’m doing the last restock or home and snow family ornaments for the season TODAY!  Check out the shop if you’d like to get one this year.

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