DIY Snow Globe Ornament

Oh….Hey there!  It’s me, and I’m back for a little bit.  It’s been so long since I’ve sat down to type.  Sometimes blogging breaks are good, sometimes they’re necessary, and sometimes they just happen without you even realizing it. So let’s catch up for a second…

Where have I been?  I’ve been tethered to my desk painting my little heart out.  My shop exploded with orders for ornaments, mainly the house drawing ones with others sprinkled in.  To say that God has answered a prayer of mine would be an understatement.  He has beyond blessed me with order after order and message after message.  Here’s a little look at my office space and what I’ve been pouring into over the past few weeks.

Aren’t they so fun?!  I love how each house is totally different.  Sometimes that can be challenging but I enjoy it.  But let’s get into what we’re really here for, the DIY! One day about a week or so ago, I just decided that I wanted to make something for myself.  So I did!

What You’ll Need: Open Front Plastic Ornament (You can find them at Michael’s.), Craft Snow, Mod Podge, Hot Glue, Mini Bottle Brush Trees, Mini Figures

Start by brushing the bottom of the ornament with Mod Podge as well as a few spots around the rest of the inside.  Pour in some snow and disperse it over the spots of glue.

Now, this next part is pretty much up to you, it all depends on how big you want your snow mound.  Pour in a good amount of Mod Podge and snow to create a bit of a thicker paste.  Shape it into a mound and begin to cover it with more snow and add a little hot glue for height and extra sticking.

Before the mound dries, while adding hot glue too, place your trees and figures on and into it.

You can add a hanger to put it on your tree or set it out as a cute piece of decor.  Can you tell I have a bit of an affection for bottle brush trees?

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