September 5 Favorites

September was a blur.  I think I had so much on my plate that I went from one week to the next just trying to hit all the deadlines.  Luckily, I made them all and now here we are in October.  This is sure to be another jam packed month.  I’m booked every weekend with wedding chalkboards and then orders in between all that.  (Yay orders!)  Be on the lookout for ornaments to pop up in THE SHOP very soon and there may even be a new design or two in the works.

Instead of the usual favorite list, I thought I would do a more fall festival addition and tell you about 5 of my favorite things from the Duluth Fall Festival last weekend.  Duluth (the city in Georgia, not Minnesota) is what I consider my home town.  I’ve been going to this festival for years, been in the parade numerous times, and it’s just one of the highlights of my year.  So here’s what I found at this years festivities that rocked my socks off.

  1. Seasoned Fries – If you happened to watch my stories or ran into me at all this weekend, I probably told you about these fries.  I so wish I knew what the place was called that sold them but all I know is that they better be back next year!  They were $7 a basket and worth every penny.
  2. The Humble Hutch – This booth had the cutest gourd art.  Very farmhouse meets folk art type of style.  Some of the pieces were just incredible, like these amazing llamas.  I went for one of the penguin ornaments and plan to hand letter on the back to commemorate the year.
  3. Offerings / Diffuser Jewelry – Loved this booth!  The simple jewelry is perfect to compliment any outfit and all of the beads can diffuse the oils.  I walked away with a necklace AND a pair of earrings that are so cool.
  4. Simply Fragrant Home – I was praying that this booth would be back this year and I was so relieved when I saw they were.  I’ve been wearing their magnolia perfume oil for the last year and it is so good.  I ran out though the day before the festival.  I was using it very sparingly so that it would last.  I had lost their business card months ago and was just hoping they’d be back so I could buy it in bulk!  They have great scents and blends for diffusing and personal use.
  5. Pure Taqueria – This is actually a restaurant that sits on the main corner of the historic downtown area where the festival is held.  Why am I mentioning them?  THE BEST margarita I’ve ever had!  They were outside the restaurant and serving tacos and margaritas as a booth if you didn’t want to take the time to go in and sit down.  It was glorious!  If you’re local, Pure Taqueria is where the margaritas are at.

Have you been to any festivals yet this season?  I wish I could go to every single one but my bank account screams otherwise.  It’s one of my favorite parts of the season and it’s a great way to support local businesses and artists.

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