Master Bedroom Makeover

I am thrilled to be sharing our new and improved master bedroom!  It was a labor of love and my husband and I are pretty proud of how it turned out.  It can be a challenge when it comes to decorating for both of our tastes.  I lean more toward the bright, paint all the things white, style and my husband likes a darker, more rustic aesthetic.   One thing we DO agree on though, is the farmhouse style.  So we had to strike a balance between farmhouse chic and rustic country.  Here’s how it turned out…

Master Bedroom Makeover

The shiplap wall was all done by my husband.  He found the boards from Home Depot and we instantly knew they were right for us.  When we started shopping for the supplies, we were originally going to go with wood planks and then paint them white.  These awesome boards saved us so much time and money.  They are already painted and distressed, which brought in just enough rustic for the both of us.

Master Bedroom Makeover Master Bedroom Makeover Master Bedroom Makeover Master Bedroom Makeover

We were in the market for new nightstands and a dresser but didn’t want to break the bank.  Story of my life, I want all the things but don’t actually want to pay for it!  My best tip here is to shop your local consignment shops, antique stores, and community yard sales. (Facebook is great for these if you don’t already use them.). Our set came from an antique store that posted them in a Facebook community group.

Master Bedroom Makeover

These lights are the best and really brought a coziness to the room.  I’ve also been without a proper reading light for what feels like forever and these are perfect.  (I’ve linked a similar one in the details below.) One thing that makes them extra special though is that they did not come with the pull chains.  They were originally just sconces that are meant to be powered by the main switch.  That wasn’t what we wanted them for so my husband and father-in-law came up with a solution.  The wires were threaded through the wall like they’re meant to, but with a little electrical knowhow, they were hooked up and a switch was added to the inside.  Then hubby drilled a small hole through the front for the chain.  Our custom extenders with pulls are from Amazon.

Master Bedroom Makeover Master Bedroom Makeover

And let’s not forget, the master bedroom is the best place to display all the wedding things!  The biggest frame was our guestbook and I finally reframed it.  The glass from the old one broke during a move and we just never bothered to change it until now.  There’s also a shadow box with keepsakes, our invitation, and our sand ceremony bottle sits the dresser.  And, yes, the sand is suppose to be in layers but it wasn’t transported to our home from the venue very well.  Whatever…now we can never be separated!  #symbolism

Master Bedroom Makeover Master Bedroom Makeover Master Bedroom Makeover Master Bedroom Makeover

Check out all the details below!


Shiplap Wood Panels – Home Depot

Paint Color – Silver Cloud (from Walmart using flat base paint)

Light Fixtures – Home Depot

Bedframe – Wayfair (similar frame linked)

Comforter Set – Target

Teal Accent Pillows – Target

Floral Pillow – Target

Mirror – Hobby Lobby

Three Basket Hamper – Walmart