August 5 Favorites

Another month has gone by and we’re now in one of my absolute favorite months of the year.  I love September for many reason like fall, Ro’s birthday, and the start of festival season!  But before I get ahead of myself, let’s take a look back at August.

I’m so sad to report that I don’t have a book to recommend this month!  Time got away from me and I didn’t finish a book this month.  UGH….oh well, I’m close to finishing my recent one and plan to use my free time (aka Ro is starting preschool!) for more reading.

  1. My Cricut Machine – Legit in full on obsession mode with this thing.  I can’t wait to show you all of the fun things I’ve made for Ro’s party.  You can see some of them in THIS Insta post but I’ve gone off the deep end and I’m not comin’ back!
  2. Bento Boxes – I’ve always wanted one for Gav and when I got the opportunity to review Stuck On You’s bentos I was so excited.  Both boys have one now and it’s made making lunches so easy!  You can find the full review HERE.
  3. Distressed Wood Panels – Last month we completely overhauled our master bedroom (have no fear, bedroom post is in the works!).  I wanted to do a shiplap wall because we love the farmhouse style.  #basic  But anyway…my husband found THESE and we new they would be perfect.  Just enough distress to still look great and to satisfy hubby’s preference for a more rustic look.  Bonus points because we didn’t have to do any painting!
  4. Paperless Post – I may never go back to regular stationary.  This is the perfect solution for our digital society.  My full review can be found HERE.  I can’t wait to use them again for my bestie’s baby shower.
  5. Plant Therapy Kids’ Roll Ons – We are loving these roll ons!  I’m a big fan of oils and aroma therapy so I was definitely game to try these pre-diluted Kid Safe ones.  I think that my favorite right now is The Calming Child that I use on Ro.  I’m not saying that he has zero tantrums now and is the perfect angel child, but there is a noticeable difference in his everyday demeanor.

What fun finds did you discover last month?

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