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Hard to believe that in just over two weeks it will be Ro’s third birthday! HE’LL BE THREE! What?! Anyway, we’ll also get to have his party on his actually birthDAY this year which is always fun. So, staying true to my party planning-loving self, I’m going all out. If you’ve been around here for a little bit, you know I love themed parties (check some of them out HERE) and this year is no different. The ONE part about party planning that I dislike the most, however, is sending the actual invitation. I know, I know….makes no sense but invites are a HUGE hassle for me. Printing, postage, addresses…all of it.  But this year I was able to keep all of the fun of the themed invites, plus some extras, by using Paperless Post!

I say extras because without Paperless post, these invites could have easily run me a pretty penny if they looked exactly like the digital version. Paperless Post allows you to fully customize your invitation down to the “postage stamp”. There are so many amazing free options as well but I chose the custom options to make Ro’s invites extra special. Also, I went with the “upload your own” option which allowed me to use the digital invitation I fell in love with on Etsy.  If you choose to add the custom options, you can easily purchase coins with one click when you’re ready to send.

The process is so easy and quick. Upload, personalize, add the details, and send. All you have to do is link your email contacts and go! I saved so much time by doing my invites this way! I think one of my favorite parts of an electronic invite that you can’t get with a paper one is the map. Underneath the address is a map of the location (not shown here due to privacy) and, with everyone having access to GPS with phone apps, it’s so easy for people to find your party.

Lastly, the best part of the whole experience is the RSVP. It’s as simple as a click. How many times, and I’m guilty of this myself, have you gotten an invitation and completely MEANT to text/email/call to RSVP and simply forgot. #mombrainisreal Paperless Post invites make it so easy for your guests to RSVP and for you to keep track of your headcount. If you download the app, it’s right at your fingertips if you happen to forget when you’re at the store buying last minute items. (Just being honest, that will totally be me!).

Paperless Post is the way to go for invitations these days. They look great and it’s so easy on everyone involved.  No printing, no address collecting, no postage, no hassle!

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