Back to School with Stuck On You

Back to school with Stuck On You
*The items featured in this post were given to me in exchange for a review.  The opinion expressed is 100% mine.*

When it comes to back to school, we’re half and half at our house right now.  Gav is back in school as of Monday, big first grader, and Ro is in full on prep mode.  It’s so strange that I will have two kids in school Tuesday through Thursday come September.  Not too sure what I’m going to do with myself but I’m thinking it will involve quite a few lattes and a manicure or two.  Anyway, one of the biggest things for me is making sure the boys have a balanced lunch.  I’m trying to teach them healthy habits and we’ve got an awesome tool from Stuck On You to help out.

Back to school with Stuck On You

These bento boxes make lunches super easy and balanced, easy for mom and yummy for the kiddos.  I love the sectioned insert and there’s plenty of space to put enough in to keep my hungry hippos full.  I think my favorite part of the insert is the center circle because I’m always scrounging for a small container for dips and they get tossed around in the lunch box.  This space is perfect for hummus, ranch, or even the occasional treat if I’m feeling fancy.

Back to school with Stuck On You Back to school with Stuck On You

What’s so fun about Stuck On You bentos is the personalization.  Stuck on You is the original and best personalized labeling company so they have a great selection to choose from.  I love the designs I picked for the boys.  I mean, look at that super hero bunny!  Honestly, I want one for myself and you know it would have a unicorn on it.  I usually dread getting lunches ready because I never know what I’m going to put in there from day to day.  However, these bentos have made me excited to plan out some healthy options for the growing boys.

What are some of your kids’ favorite healthy lunch options?

You can see one of my other favorite products from Stuck On You, their name labels, in THIS POST.

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