Turn Any Present Into a Unicorn

I’m totally on the unicorn bandwagon.  I have coffee mugs with unicorns, they decorate my office, and my obsession is so obvious that Gav always points them out to me and wants to buy me unicorn things. (Seriously though, how sweet is that?!)  Needless to say, while you don’t HAVE to be a girl to love unicorns, my boys are very much into anything with wheels and loud noises.  So, my unicorns and I live in my office.  That is until we get around my sister-in-law and her daughter!  I live vicariously through them and love giving my niece all of the cute unicorn, pink, gold, glitter everything when I can.  She just turned two and I had fun picking out her tea/kitchen food set but when it came time to wrap it, I decided to have even more fun!  Now, you could totally make this into any animal you’d like but, unicorns are awesome!  

What You’ll Need: Plain White Wrapping Paper, Markers, Scrapbook Paper

Turn Any Present Into a Unicorn Turn Any Present Into a Unicorn

All you need to do is wrap your present as you normally would.  Using the markers, give it a face.  Cut out a horn from the scrapbook paper (I just so happened to have some gold glitter paper!) and the ears from your wrapping left overs.  Tape everything on and write your message on top.  If you happen to always forget a card like I do, this is a great way to remedy that.

That’s it!  This little unicorn was a big hit and I loved watching my niece open it up.

Turn Any Present Into a UnicornTurn Any Present Into a UnicornTurn Any Present Into a UnicornTurn Any Present Into a Unicorn

What animal would you make this present into?