June 5 Favorites

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Hey there…Long time no blog!  It was a busy month for me but a good one.  I was, very thankfully, swamped with orders and travel but I’m back and ready to dive onto my keyboard.  First things first though…it’s July and that means it’s time to recap what I loved from June.

1. The Sugar Queen – Of course I’m starting off with a book! I may not be the fastest reader, aka I fall asleep a lot, but I’m determined to reach my book goal this year of 20. Speaking of reading fast though, I blazed through this one. I’m not even really sure why but there was something that drew me into the story and I finished it in two days. Could’ve been one but, you know, mom duties call! I highly recommend this book as a quick read and a delightful story.

2. Highwaisted Swimsuits – I’m so in love with this trend! As someone who prefers to be a little more modest in dressing (mainly due to insecurities but whatcha gonna do…) these suits are my jam! There are so many out there and they are super cute. I got THIS ONE from Amazon but it’s also sold by Cupshe. (You can see it on me HERE.) You know, that brand that pops up in your Facebook feed that doesn’t seem legit but I’m here to tell you it is because I’ve ordered straight from them before with great success.

3. MOD Pizza – You make your own pizza, all the toppings you want with no extra charges for being extra, delicious gluten free option. That is all!

4. Lavender Coffee – When I hear something has lavender in it, I HAVE to try it. My bestie and I met up at a wonderful coffee shop in Roswell, GA (shoutout to Crazy Love Coffeehouse!) and they were featuring their summer iced lavender latte. I have to find a way to make this at home!

5. Ziplining – I know that I’m completely late on this train but it’s so fun!  And more than zip lining, I love treetop obstacle courses.  I was able to experience this on my trip to visit my aunt in Virginia.  The Virginia aquarium in Virginia Beach has a great climbing park and I loved every minute of it.  I’m determined to find something like it here in GA.  If you happen to be local to VB, check out The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium.

How was your June?  What were your faves?

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