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5 Ways to Practice Self-Care on a Budget

5 ways to practice self-care on a budget

Not only as a mother but as a human in general, it’s important that I take care of myself.  With mental health still (somehow) a taboo issue, many go weeks, moths, even years without focusing some of their energy on taking care of themselves.  I’m for sure guilty of it.  It’s so hard to break that cycle, especially as a mother.  Caring day-in and day-out for little people is exhausting and down right expensive at times.  What’s left over?  If anything, you have just enough energy to take a shower once every few days and shut your eyes for half a second.  So what can you do to practice some self care, feeling a little better about our selves and not spend an arm and a leg trying to do it?

1. Clean(er) Eating – Let me slap you with an old cliche. “You are what you eat.”  Cliche? Yes.  True?  Also, yes!  The better you do for your insides, the better you’ll feel about the outside.  I learned this first hand in the past month and as I’ve reintroduced some foods back into my diet, as well as indulged a time or two (ok, like 12!), I’ve increasingly feel crappier.  It’s also not has expensive as you think.  If you’re not spending the money on the bad/less good items, you have more left over for your good things.

I also realize that this one is a matter of doing it for yourself.  I can sit here and tell you you’ll feel so much better but you have to be willing to make the effort.  Make the investment in your health and you mind will thank you for it!

2. Nail Care – Mani/Pedis are wonderful.  You feel pampered and pretty and all that good stuff.  But I’ll be darned if they don’t cost way more than I’m willing to spend on a regular basis.  Invest in some good drugstore supplies and start doing it yourself.  There are great cuticle removers, base and top coats, oils, etc out there that cost a fraction of the price of a nail salon.  They also last much longer!  Here are some of my favorite drugstore finds:

All of these together cost LESS than one manicure.  Painting your nails can takes some practice (my left hand is so uncoordinated!) but it’s worth it!

3. Essential Oils – Oils are everywhere now and it’s awesome!  Even Walmart has started selling them.  All you need is a diffuser and a couple of oils to get you started.  There are so many uses for them and benefits to using them.  Some of my favorite single oils are lavender (calming), lemongrass (keeps mosquitoes away), tea tree (blemish treatment), lemon (fresh/clean scent), Eucalyptus (calming/fresh).  And I could go on and on!

4. Drink More Water – This one is basically free!  You’re body thrives on this stuff so give it what it needs.  My favorite way to enjoy water is to drop in some fruit and/or herbs.  Infused water just tastes better in my opinion.  Some great combos include orange/cucumber, lemon/mint, or just plain lemon.

5. Take a Nap – This one is completely free and, done in the right amount of time, can really refresh you.  I know we don’t always have time for a nap, #adultingishard, but when you can, treat yourself to a 30 min power nap and you’ll thank yourself.

What are your favorite ways to do something for YOU and not brake the bank?



  • Savannah

    Cleaner eating and getting enough water are HUGE ways to take care of yourself that don’t always get enough credit in the self-care talk! I agree that it doesn’t have to be too pricey either. While grass-fed meats and “convenient” packaged health foods can be expensive, there are few things cheaper and better for you than fruits and veggies at their peak season!! And oh my goodness, tea tree oil helps so much with blemishes for me.

  • Goldie

    These are good, quick and easy ideas! Self-care definitely does not have to mean spending money. Taking a nap will probably always be my favorite even though I do it the least!

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