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My Favorite Whole 30 Snacks

My Favorite Whole 30 Snacks

I’m half way through Whole 30! Woohoo! Crazy to think that just about two weeks ago I was binge eating Halo Top ice cream in preparation for my first day. (This is actually discouraged by the program but I did it anyway)

I’m already feeling some positive effects from the eating plan. I have more energy (most days), I feel better mentally, I like the way my skin looks, and I have just a general feeling of being healthier. One of the weirdest things that has happened is that I find myself not really wanting certain foods like I would before. Example: Muffins with mom at Gav’s school was yesterday and I didn’t have any desire to eat the muffin. Like….what? Who am I? (I did, however pretend to take a bite to make Gav happy. If for some reason you’re reading this in the future Gav…Sorry!)

My Favorite Whole 30 SnacksMy Favorite Whole 30 Snacks

Anyway, I haven’t really had the urge to snack but when I do, here’s what I have found to be most satisfying and filling:

Larabars – Be careful with these. Bars are recommended to be eaten sparingly and as backups. There are also some that are non compliant, just read the labels! My personal favorites so far are cashew cookie, coconut creme pie, and key lime pie.

Blueberries and Cashews – Sounds weird, and a little like bird food, but they go really well together! The nuts, I get the raw kind, have great protein and healthy fat while the blueberries are sweet.

Almond Butter with Apples or Celery – A great alternative to the classic peanut butter (not allowed because it is a legume). My favorite brand is Justin’s because you don’t have to stir it or refrigerate it! It stays nice a creamy.

Plantain Chips – You have to get the roasted and salted kind (not the sweet ones!) and they are delicious. Also make sure that they are cooked in the right type of oil. I’ve made plantain nachos with them as well and it’s so stinkin’ good! Not sure where to find some? Trader Joe’s has them and Whole Foods bulk section carries them. Some Kroger’s now have a bulk section and they can be found there as well.

That’s It Bars – These bars have the best name. They are made up of two fruits each…THAT’S IT! They are great for on the go snacking when you don’t want to lug around a piece of fruit that might get squished. You can get them at Target and I’ve seen them at a Starbucks or two if you happen to need something with your morning black coffee!

If you must snack, it’s always great to have a healthy option even if you’re not doing a Whole 30. Try to eat enough of the good stuff at your meals but sometimes, you just gotta get your snack on!

If you’ve done a Whole 30, what were some of your favorite snacks?


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