DIY Unicorn Planter

DIY Unicorn Planter

If you can’t tell, I’m in love with making planters lately.  Maybe it’s the warmer weather mixed with trying to will spring into existence but whatever the case, I’m filling my space with some (fake) green!  I don’t have the greenest thumb and pair that with some minimal light in my office and you don’t the best environment for a real plant to drive.  Yet, I still like have the green and florals around so today I’m sharing with you a whimsical planter I made specifically for my creative space.

What You’ll Need:  Paper Mache Unicorn, Exacto Knife, Paint, Floral Foam, Decorative Rocks, Plants

DIY Unicorn Planter DIY Unicorn Planter

Using the knife, cut out a hole in the top of the unicorn.  I bought this one at Hobby Lobby but they also have other animals like dinosaurs so go crazy!  Make sure the hole big enough to stuff the foam in and small enough that it won’t be gapping.  Now all that left to to paint and plant!  I planted this one exactly like the mini planter place cards with the addition of pouring more rocks into the legs of the unicorn for weight.  I glued my favorite colored rocks around the edge of the hole to cover any gaps.

DIY Unicorn Planter

I love her!  She adds a pretty pop of green to my office (not pictured because, like I said, crappy lighting) and sits nicely on a shelf above my computer.  Now all she needs is a name!

DIY Unicorn Planter DIY Unicorn Planter DIY Unicorn Planter DIY Unicorn Planter



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