April 5 Favorites

It’s May 1st!  I love May.  It’s graduation time, recital time, hubby’s birthday, the start of summer vacation, just so much to look forward to!  But before we get into all that, let’s recap some of my favorite things from April.

1. 29 gifts – This. Book.  I can’t recommend this book enough.  Whether you are going through a personally hard time or even if you’re in a season of highs, this book will move you.  It’s about a women’s struggles with Multiple Sclerosis and how giving away 29 gifts in 29 days changed her perspective.  Very powerful stuff!

2. Tiny Succulents – If you didn’t catch my DIY, you can find it HERE.  These are seriously one of favorite things I’ve made and they were a hit at my small group.

3. New Kicks – Loving THESE TENNIS SHOES I bought at Walmart.  They’re just under $10 and I totally get compliments on them.

4. I FINALLY purchased a rug for my office when Wayfair was having a great sale. The one I got is neutral enough to fit my “black and white with pops of color” office.  They don’t have it on the site anymore but HERE are some great gray rugs by the same brand. It really makes the space look more like an room now rather than just some extra space.  Just a few more details and I’ll be sharing a room tour!

5. We started having family movie nights on the weekends and it’s seriously the best thing ever.  I’m not much of a movie person but it love when we all snuggle into the blankets in our basements and eat popcorn together.  Sometimes the boys will sit with us and sometimes they sit with each other.  I love watching them get captivated by each movie.  Current favorites from this past month include Paddinton 2 and Coco.

What did you love about last month?

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