March 5 Favorites

I have absolutely no idea how it’s April already. I feel like I blinked and three months passed. Granted, at the same time, some of the days in between felt like a blinking and half a second went by. Anyway, March was an interesting month for us. My husband is in the middle of changing his career which has brought a bit of stress but it has remained surprisingly manageable. It’s amazing what can happen when you focus on supporting your spouse and leaning on God for support. I know that sounds like a super cheesy, uber bible thumping, self help book but it’s the truth. More on that another time. Here’s what I found in the month of March that I’m loving!

1. The Light Between Oceans – You know I can’t start off one of these lists without a book recommendation! I’m doing well on my reading goal for the year and I read two more book last month. One I LOVED and one that left me kind of meh. So, let’s just talk about the former.

This book was in no way a suspense novel, wasn’t an overly romantic novel, and was a little slow at the start. I’m really selling it right?! But I found myself fully invested in the story, the emotions, and totally cried at the end. This book made me feel things people. Highly recommend! It’s also a movie if you’re not the reading type.

2. Dancers and Dogs – This instagram account is the cutest thing and will make your day! Gorgeous shots of professional dancers with DOGS! It’s such a great project mixing beauty and laughter.

3. Frankincense Essential Oil* – Another month, another oil revelation. I was watching Elsie Larson, of A Beautiful Mess, on her stories and she mentioned that she puts frankincense in her face lotion because it’s a powerhouse for the skin. I was intrigued so I looked it up. This was an oil I largely ignored because I had no idea what it was for and mainly associated it with the bible (you know, the three gifts?) so I, for no real reason, thought it would make me smell like an old church. This oil is a new fave! (obviously…it’s on this list) I put the face lotion in my hand, add a drop of the oil, and that’s it. I’ve noticed smaller pores, softer skin, faster healing blemishes, and overall better looking skin. Frankincense, get it, use it, love it!

*Yes, this oil is expensive.  But there are many place where you can buy essential oils these days so definitely shop around.

4. Quick Dry Top Coat – Girl on the run top coat by Pure Ice is a life saver! On Saturday I was able to take a shower, PAINT MY NAILS, put on my makeup, and curl my hair all within the span of one hour! ONE HOUR! If you can’t tell, I was super impressed with myself and this topcoat.

5. Turkey Meatball Recipe – I used Jacqui’s, of Baby Boy Bakery, recipe and my boys (both the kids and the hubby) were obsessed. I’ve always kind of hated giving my kids frozen meatballs ever since I found out the get a really bad grade on my food rating app. (Fooducate…check it out!) These are so easy, and taste AMAZING!

What have you been crushing on from last month?

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