I Signed Up For a 5K + Why You Should Have A Life List

Why you should have a life list

Many people talk about checking things off their bucket lists or things they’d like to do before they die.  However, I refuse to have a bucket list, or rather, I refuse to call my list that.  As with most things in life, I enjoy putting a positive spin on things so instead of focusing on what I want to do before I kick the proverbial bucket, I think of it as what I want to achieve in my life time.  Same premise, less focus on the life ending part.  I call mine my life list.  Some of the things have specific time stamps and some do not.  But why should you have one?  I’m glad you asked!

Goal Setting – Goals give you something to look forward to, something you can be actively working on or striving for.  Most commonly, people associate goals with weight loss or finances but these can seriously be anything.  It could be a skill you’d like to master, or at least try, a place you’d like to visit, or just something you’ve always wanted to do.  There doesn’t have to be a rhyme or reason to your list.

Prioritize Your Life – Having these goals listed out helps you see where you may be hindering any progress toward these goals.  If something on your list is that important to you, make room in your life to start accomplishing it.  Even baby steps are steps in the right direction.

Sense of Achievement – No matter the goal, big or small, checking something off of a list makes you feel accomplished.  This was also something I mentioned in my “Tips to Get Out of a Funk” post last month.  It’s exciting and happy-feeling-enducing to finish something.

Why you should have a life list

What’s on MY list you ask?  Here are a few I have on my list that I feel are doable within the next 5 years and my strategy on how to accomplish them.

  • Run (walk-ish) a 5K -I ACTUALLY signed up for a 5K.  Is it a traditional, running, sweating, dying from exhaustion 5K?  NOPE.  But it has 5K in the title so it counts!  I’ll be participating in Foam Fest this Saturday and I’m excited and nervous all at the same time.  This one has a time stamp on it (by age 35) and I’m well with my self-imposed deadline.
  • Bake macarons – I’ve had the almond flour for over a year (probably need to get a fresh bag) as well as the sifter that I bought specifically to make said macarons.  I’m just intimidated….by a cookie.  I’m gonna get over it, check out some Youtube videos, and do it!
  • Learn to use my sewing machine – I plan to sign up for a sewing class, like the ones offered by Sewing Machine, and get some knowledgeable info on how to use the poor thing that has been sitting neglected in my office.  (Sorry mom and dad, but, seriously, thanks for the present!  I WILL use it!)
  • Learn to skateboard – My boys are getting older and soon I’m sure one of them will be getting a skateboard.  At least I assume so.  I’ll learn with them.
  • Do a family Halloween costume – I figure I only have about 2-3 years left where doing things with your parents is still cool so I’m going to plan my little heart out this year and be ready.  Or I can just make sure we have a party to go to, wear it then, and let the boys have free reign for trick or treating time

Why you should have a life list

See, some of them are totally mundane but I want to do them.  By writing them down, I feel more accountable.  It’s out of my head and now I have a plan to do something about it instead of just sitting and wishing I could do or try these things.

Now just for fun, here are a few on my list that take a little more effort, planning, and money.

  • Ride a gondola in Venice
  • Visit a vineyard and stomp grapes
  • Swim with dolphins
  • Write a book
  • Be on TV
  • See Salvation Mountain
  • Go on a Disney Cruise with the family

So yeah, I have some more outlandish goals, but they aren’t completely out of the question!

What’s on your life list?


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