DIY Lego Inspired Door Sign

Hi there!  It’s been too long!  I’ve been working my little crafty butt off lately which is great for the shop but I’ve missed this little space!  However, today I wanted to share the easiest little DIY I did to personalize Gav’s room.  If you have a kiddo between the ages of 4 and about 14, you are no stranger to the tiny little plastic blocks of pain that are Legos.  Stepping on a Lego is next level pain because A – they’re sharp B – it’s the tender part of your foot C – you’re probably irritated that they weren’t picked up after saying it 500 times.  So, I thought I’d put a little humorous spin on the plight of every Lego mom out there.

What You’ll Need: Large Wood Plaque, Small Wood Rectangle, Small Wood Circles, Paint

DIY Lego Inspired Door Sign DIY Lego Inspired Door Sign

All you need to do is paint all your pieces and glue them together.  Write your message on top and hang with a command strip.

DIY Lego Inspired Door Sign DIY Lego Inspired Door SignDIY Lego Inspired Door Sign

Gav’s room now has plenty of fair warning for all who enter!  Tread lightly!