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Gav + Ro’s Playroom Tour

Gav + Ro's Playroom Tour

I’m so thrilled to finally be sharing another finished space in my house!  I feel like all I ever do is plan and Pinterest board my ideas to death and they never actually come to be.  But I’m changing that with project sheets (I’ll share about that soon!) and it’s working!  This particular level of our house used to be completely different and fairly haphazard but with a complete (unexpected) basement renovation, it was the perfect opportunity to change some things around.  

Why unexpected?  Well, our basement, unbeknownst to us when we bought the house, leaked during heavy rain storms.  There was little to no drainage happening so it came on into the basement.  We would be left with HUGE puddles and at one point it was so bad that we had to use a shop vac and giant moving blankets to get all the water up.  We’ve lost a couple a rugs along the way which is a bummer as well.  Enter Aquaguard to put in a drainage system, pump, and seal off our house.  Also enter no more anxiety every time it rains!  So after all that we were left with a basement that looked like this…

Fairly uninhabitable, yes?

After about 5 months we were able to get drywall, paint, and tile back as well as my sanity because my upstairs living room was no longer the playroom.  The basement was now a blank canvas to decorate.  Cue all the praise hands!  We ended up having to take out the old built-it (thankfully because it was very dated and I didn’t want to paint it) so that left me without an office space/storage.  We decided to make the old playroom space my office (yaaassss!) and move the boys’ things into the main basement area.  The boys are loving their new space, especially since they can play AND see the TV, and this mama is loving how organized she can keep it!

Gav + Ro's Playroom Tour

I’m so happy with the simpler creative corner.  It used to be a bit too much for me and now it really showcases their creativity.  You can find some DIY tutorials for this space in the archives.

DIY Art Supply Pallet

DIY Kid’s Finger Painting Printable

Gav + Ro's Playroom TourGav + Ro's Playroom Tour Gav + Ro's Playroom Tour

The boys love that they can have their tent out all the time now.  Before, there just wasn’t a place for it to live and be open 24/7.  When it came time to decorate their space, the tent became one of my top priorities.  Also, you can find the “Mini Man Cave” piece in my DIY archives as well.

Target Inspired Knockoff 

(The “super hero” piece is actually from Target.  Yay for clearance!)

Gav + Ro's Playroom Tour

That little triangle canvas bag holds any and all books that happen to make it all the way down here.  I was happy when I figured out it fit nicely into my cube storage.  Gav and Ro love laying down in the tent with a book if they’re feeling particularly less energetic.  (This rarely happens!)

You may be wondering why this cube set isn’t white like the others.  Good question!  Since this one is up against the couch and is closer to the lounging/TV watching area, I wanted it to look more like a console or accent table if you’re looking from the other side.

Gav + Ro's Playroom TourGav + Ro's Playroom Tour Gav + Ro's Playroom Tour

These labels are EVERYTHING!  All I did was find some google images and placed text underneath them in Photoshop.  This can easily be done in any other photo editing program or even an app on your phone.  Print them out and laminate them.  I have a laminator that uses heat but you can also get the no heat kind and they work just as well.  Punch a hole and tie them onto the baskets.

It is so much easier to get some work done now that my guys have their own space.  I can sit on the couch or in my office and still keep an eye on them.  Most of the time I’m just watching them make a mess though.


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