February 5 Favorites

February felt just as quick as January for me but that probably has a lot to do with the fact that its 2-3 days shorter than all the other months.  I hope yours was filled with all the 50-75% off Valentine candy you could stomach and lots of love!  I’m not big on all the “love day” celebrations but I will say that I enjoy the holiday for my boys.  Gav and I went to the Valentine dance at his school and I can’t begin to express just how special that was for us.  We dressed up, had dinner, got our picture taken, and it was something I have looked forward to since first finding out we were having a boy 6+ years ago.  Other than our fabulous dance date, here’s 5 more things that I’m loving from February:

  1. THESE racerback tanks from Walmart.  I basically live in workout clothes since I’m a dance teacher, workout twice a week, and am a mom. (Hashtag what are real clothes?) These tanks are incredibly comfortable and soft and I want one in all the colors times 12!
  2. I am happy to report that I read TWO more books last month on my way to my 20 books in 2018 goal.  I’m also happy to tell you that I recommend them both.  The first was Rise by Cara Brookins.  It’s an amazing story of how a broken family built themselves back together by literally building a house from the ground up.  I’ve never known all the steps in house building and it’s insane!  The second was another suspense novel by David Bell called Somebody I Used to Know.  (cue song by Gotye)  I enjoy Bell’s writing style and found myself, just like last month, trying to put all the details together before the final reveal.
  3. THIS dressing by Bolthouse Farms.  I’ve been tracking what I eat lately just to keep myself accountable and feel better about what I’m putting in my body.  The Bolthouse Farms ranch variety of dressings are yogurt based so yay for less guilt.   Also, eating more veggies on the daily is part of my new year goals so that means salads abound when I don’t have time to cook.  If you’re not a cilantro fan, than this definitely isn’t the dressing for you (they have a salsa verde one that is great too), but if you love it like I do, get this in your belly!
  4. BANZA PASTA is my new jam.  Yeah, it’ll cost you a couple more dollars than a standard box of pasta but the benefits are so worth it.  It’s pasta made strictly from chickpeas so it doesn’t have any enriched/bleached flour which has always bothered me.  Its also gluten free if that’s your thing. Skeptics, I hear ya, but it totally tastes like real thing.
  5. Showering with essentials oils is next level relaxation.  I may be late to the game on this one but it’s a game changer.  After a night at the studio or when I have next day soreness from a work out, I love to mix R.C. and Panaway, crank the heat just a bit, and magic!  Not on the oil train yet?  Shoot me a message and I can get you all set up!

What were some of your highlights/favorites from February?


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