What I Want To Teach My Boys

What I What To Teach My Children

Over the past few weeks (months, years…) I’ve seen a steady increase in the lack of compassion and respect in the younger generation.  Dear fellow grown ups of the world, we need to HAVE TO do better.  Whether it’s the need for stronger discipline, more love, or whatever, something needs to be done now.  What I have seen lacking in the values of today’s kids, is exactly what I want to teach my children.  I want to teach them how to be good humans.

There’s a huge difference from when I was a kid to now.  Or maybe I was in my own bubble which is a huge possibility.  I know I wasn’t a perfect kid, none of us are/were.  I know there were times when I wanted to give up or felt unmotivated, times when I let the sass fly and times I was ungrateful.  But I was taught, disciplined, put in my place, whatever you want to call it.  And this is what I intend to do with my boys.

What I What To Teach My Children

I see how some of my students talk about their parents, how they talk to me, how they have a disregard for anything but what’s important to them and I don’t want that to be my kids.  I don’t want a teacher, coach, whoever to go home and talk to someone else about this same issue and one of my kids be on their mind.  I also just don’t want this to continue to be an issue with our younger generation.  I try my best, when it’s appropriate, to plant little seeds of this in the students I teach but I honestly don’t know if I’m talking to the walls or it’s sinking in.  Whatever the case, I won’t stop handing out little bits of “life lessons from Ms. Kelly” anytime soon!  So on to the list.  These next 13 things are at the core of what I believe.

  1. Please & Thank You Go A Long Way – It was very important to my husband and I that we started teaching our boys these two as soon as they started talking.  Now it’s just a part of their everyday.  They also get to learn the other side of it which is that saying please doesn’t always get you what you want.  However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be said.  Polite is polite, be it no matter what.  I can’t tell you how much it makes me smile when one of my students says thank you for getting a sticker, which they get all the time.
  2. Don’t Be A Bystander – In a world were bullying has become an everyday reality for so many, it’s up to those that are fortunate enough to not be bullied to step in.  Does that mean you may end up getting bullied too, it might.  But you did the right thing and, more often than not, the bully will realize you’re someone that doesn’t let their words mean anything.  Stand up for someone, stand up for something, stand tall.
  3. The World Does Not Owe You Anything & It’s Not Fair – Nothing….the world owes you nothing.  Whether you come from riches, rags, or your riding the middle class train, you are owed nothing.  That sucks and I know it.  Nothing is fair and some people will have more, get more, and so on.  Someone will always be better than you and you will not always get the trophy (contrary to many activities out there). Life is hard, get a helmet.
  4. Winning Is Great But Losing Is Not The End Of The World – Speaking of trophies, losing sucks but it’s not going to kill you.  You will lose more than you will win which makes the winning so much better.  Getting the trophy because you actually won will always be more meaningful than any trophy just for being there. 
  5. Do Not Be Colorblind – See the different colors of the people around you and embrace it.  A monochrome world would be bland and boring.  One color is not better an the other, it’s different and thats ok.
  6. Learn About Other Cultures – Different cultures are just that, different.  And they’re cool!  Are there some elements that will be weird to you, sure!  But guess what, you’re culture is weird to others.  That’s right!  Not everyone likes ketchup on there fries and some people ride horses to work.  Different is awesome, learn as much as you can.
  7. The Value Of Giving – This is not always easy but it will always make you feel good.
  8. Everyone Matters To God – Period.  The neighbor down the street with the noisy dog, the person who cuts you off in traffic, your favorite barista at Starbucks, and the little boy screaming in the middle of the store (and the mother who’s probably mortified by the whole thing).  You don’t have to like everyone, that’s part of life.  Not everyone is going to like you either.  But we are all his children and he loves us all.  He may not always like our choices, but we are always loved.
  9. Repect Others Opions (Even If They Are Different From Yours) – I’ll say it again, different is not bad, it’s just different. We all come from different backgrounds and places, so of course we won’t always think the same way.  That would be boring.  Don’t get offended, even if what someone has to say isn’t the nicest.  Getting offended wont change their opinion but your actions can.
  10. Good Eating Habits – This one is a bit random and maybe I’ve been watching too much of My 600 Lb Life lately but learning about nutrition is so important.  So many people are unaware of what is in their food it’s astounding.  I’m not even talking about processed and by products.  I’m simply talking about the basics like calorie intake, what sugars do to your body, fat in take, the list goes on.
  11. Always Do Your Best – Will your best always be THE best?  No.  But if you did the best you could, gave it all you got and you still came up short, I will still be proud.  But not trying is not an option, no matter what you’re doing.  Don’t be surprised, though, if doing your best results in something amazing.

What I What To Teach My Children

Let’s be real, I could have boiled this list down to one thing…Don’t be a miserable human.  I understand that we all have bad days, people will be miserable to us, etc, but we don’t have to be miserable back or add to the chaos.  Be a good human and let’s teach our own to be good humans too.

*steps off soapbox*


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