For some it’s felt like January went on forever and for some, it flew by.  For me, I love January.  The newness, the birthdays, the reset mode mindset, the birthdays…..did I mention the birthdays.  It’s always been one of my favorite months and here are five things that loved about this particular one.

  1. I’ve kept up with my new year reading goal so far and finished not one but TWO books! I am loving getting back into reading.  At first I had to force myself away from the urge to just veg whenever I had a second to relax.  But, after I got into the habit, I looked forward to my reading time.  This month I read In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day (Christian/Non Fiction) and Bring Her Home (Suspense/Fiction).  I highly recommend both!
  2. THIS BLANKET!  I’m always on the lookout for super soft/neutral blankets for our living room and basement.  This one is under $10 and so soft and warm.  It’s my napping blanket.
  3. THIS Sweater – If it wasn’t obvious, I love to be comfy and warm.  This sweater goes great with literally everything because it’s neutral and keeps me warm without being too heavy.  It runs just a tad small so the arms aren’t long like I usually prefer but I still love it.
  4. My office is almost complete and I had fun making THIS art inspired by pieces I found in Target.  (Who isn’t inspired by Target?!)
  5. My newest sweet treat obsession is THIS peanut butter “ice cream”.  If you’re on a restricted eating plan or diet, this is a must try.

Bonus faves: Donut cakes for the cutest six year old birthday boy and that gorgeous Kate Spade (my first designer bag ever!) from my bestie for my birthday.

Now it’s YOUR turn!  What was the highlight of your January?