DIY must have supply list

Let’s be real.  If I could, I would own everything from all craft stores.  I literally mean that.  I’m the lady you see at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s (sometimes multiple days of the week) that roams every aisle.  I’m also that lady you see that zooms from one side of the store to the other, then back, then the middle, and then back again to the first side.  That’s usually when I’m thinking of a project and want to consider all my options.  Yes, I’m the crazy craft lady.  But if I had to pare it all down to my must have craft items, the ones I use most, the ones that will be most useful to the casual DIYer, the list would look a little something like this…

  1. Glue Gun –  If you don’t have one of these, what are you even doing?  Ok just kidding, but seriously, this is your right hand man when it comes to DIY.  It’s also the best tool to have if you like quick crafts.  This little buddy even comes in handy when you want to sew something together and either have no sewing knowledge or no access to a sewing machine/needle and thread.  These range from $5 on up but you don’t really need anything heavy duty.  I do recommend getting one that is high temp, just be careful!
  2. White Paint – This is the ultimate blank slate.  This helps other colors pop, helps eliminate color (see my bible cover from last week), eliminates the need for every shade of every color paint, and so much more.  I usually buy a larger bottle of white than I would of any other color just so I always have it.
  3. Paper Cutter – I can’t cut a straight line to save my life and crooked lines are awful.  Whether you’re a scrapbooker, you like to print out freebies, our you have pictures that aren’t quite the right size, you will always find a use for one of these.
  4. A Good Printer – Speaking of freebies, your printer can sometimes be your best friend.  Not only is it good for printing out pictures for framing, but it’s great for images for projects, printing on iron-on sheets (as long as it’s not a laser printer since those get too hot and damage the paper), creating your on stickers, business cards, etc.  Also, you can save yourself some money buying prints by buying downloadable art from Etsy.
  5. Power Tool Knowledge – This helps with the mac daddy projects. I know you have them on your Pinterest boards!  The pallet wood swing chair, DIY barn doors, etc….I have them too.  You don’t have to own all the equipment, that can be rented from a hardware store.  You do, however, need to know how to use them.  One of the most valuable classes I took in college was, believe it or not, stage craft.  I learned how to use power tools and became more comfortable using them.

I use at least one of these five things in just about every project I ever do.  What makes it onto your DIY must-have list?