DIY Mountain Mural

DIY Mountain Mural

My sweet 2 year old has been out of a crib for some times now.  Like, before he actually turned two.  He was basically catapulting himself out over the edge sideways with zero regard for safely so, you know, it was time.  The other thing he started doing, much to my utter dismay, was ripping off all of the decals he could reach.  What decals you ask?  These…

You can see the full nursery tour HERE.

Yeah, I was pretty heart broken because it took my mom and I way longer than it should have to put them up.  My labor of love was destroyed in about 2.5 toddler seconds.  Anyway, this left Ro with a giant blank white wall and some now haphazard looking wall art.  It used to be centered on the crib, but we’ve been over where that went.  I am so excited to report that I have finally done something to the wall!  I had this vision of mountains and a hodge lodge of letters spelling “be brave” (AKA something I saw on Pinterest).  Now, there are a number of fantastic shops that offer decals of mountains but Ro has proven that he cannot be trusted around decals.  We needed something more permanent so I grabbed a mini roller, some painters tape, and got to work.

What You’ll Need:  Painter’s Tape, Exacto Knife, Paint*, Roller, Paint Tray (kind of optional)

*I love THIS BRAND of paint.  You can get it at Walmart for a very reasonable price.

**BEFORE YOU START**  If your wall is already white, you will only need the mountain color.  If you have any other color, you will need white paint in addition to your mountain color.

DIY Mountain Mural DIY Mountain MuralDIY Mountain Mural

Tape off your mountains.  Make them different heights and they can vary in width as well.  For the snow caps, tape off jagged edges, again, making each mountain slightly different.  Also, can I just say sorry for the quality of these photos?  This was a rainy day project so terrible lighting.

DIY Mountain Mural DIY Mountain Mural

FOR WHITE WALLS – Tape off a very thin line at the top so that you snowcap doesn’t turn into a “no cap”.

FOR COLORED WALLS – Clean up any tape lines in the snow cap with an Exacto knife.  You will paint that area white.

DIY Mountain Mural

Paint in the mountains and remove the tape to reveal your masterpiece!

DIY Mountain Mural DIY Mountain Mural DIY Mountain Mural DIY Mountain Mural DIY Mountain Mural DIY Mountain Mural

I am thrilled with how this came out (and so is Ro who keeps calling them houses) and I can’t wait to finish of the wall with a long shelf and some knickknacks from around the room.

DIY Mountain Mural


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