Doing Better For My Skin // Part 2

doing better for my skin // beauty counter review
*Thank you to Rebecca Lee, Beauty Counter consultant, for providing the product this post.  The following is my 100% my honest opinion.

In my last post I tackled the preventative/corrective measure that I’m taking to keep my skin looking it’s best. But there is an even more important part of doing better for my skin that I’m trying move towards. Less chemicals. Honestly I’m trying to do this in as many areas of my life as I can but what never occurred to me was something I’ve always used, makeup.

Makeup is full of junk that our skin, our largest organ, is constantly absorbing. Let that SINK IN. (See what I did there?!) It’s really crazy when you sit down to think about it. If you were to turn over a number of makeup bottles on the drugstore shelf, you’d find a list of ingredients you’d never want on your skin in the first place and most you probably can’t pronounce. This is where I introduce you to my friend, Rebecca.

doing better for my skin // beauty counter review

Rebecca introduced me to Beauty Counter and what it means to change what you put on your skin. I think I had vaguely heard of the company before meeting Rebecca so I really didn’t know much about it. Well, here’s the bottom line…

Pretty simple, right?  Safer products for everyone.  Because what we’re used to, what we’ve been putting on our skin, is actually pretty harmful.  Check out Beauty Counter’s list of ingredients, The Never List, they strive to keep put of their products.  I know what you’re thinking though, I did too.  Well, less chemicals and safer products (much like the organic produce at the grocery) is going to cost me more.  Well….yeah, it is.  But it also goes with that whole “you get what you pay for” saying.  And I’ll tell you, this is worth the investment.

doing better for my skin // beauty counter reviewdoing better for my skin // beauty counter review

I received some great advice from a makeup artist that I now live by.  What product in your routine do you use/love the most?  Whatever it is, invest in a good one and the rest can come later.  Is all of my makeup the best for my skin? Nope.  But my foundation is!  I’ve been using Beauty Counter’s Dew Skin for about a month now and I’m loving the more natural look it gives to my skin.

I was worried about not getting the coverage that I did with my old foundation but I was so happy to see that there wasn’t much difference.  And, like the name implies, I get a fresh dewy complexion from it.  I know that a lot of women are looking for the matte look, but I quite like the change for myself.  It’s making me feel better about my skin because I know that it’s healthier.

doing better for my skin // beauty counter review doing better for my skin // beauty counter review

Want to try Beauty Counter for yourself?  My girl, Rebecca is offering free shipping on all orders placed through my social (linked below).  Click on “Shop Rebecca’s Socials” and select Gav + Ro Blog.  Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll get your reimbursement.  Easy!  So what are you waiting for?  Go do better for your skin, too!

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