DIY Target Art Knockoff

DIY Target Art Knockoff

Since getting our basement back in order, I’ve had the opportunity to redo do the boys play area and gained an office. (All the praise hands and heart eyes!) I love the freedom of completely redesigning a space. You can declutter, regroup, rearrange, and, my favorite part, SHOP! While perusing the aisles of all my favored decor spots, I saw a common style at Target (from the Pillowfort line to be exact) that I loved but didn’t quite want to pay the price. I wondered if there was a way I could recreate it and this is what I came up with.

Here are the pieces of inspiration I’m talking about:

Now to make one yourself, you’ll need about 30 minutes tops and these supplies:

Shadow Box*, Scrapbook Paper, Large Letter Stickers, Paint/Chalk Pen
*Shadow boxes can be expensive. Wait for a coupon or when they go on sale at your local craft store. I got mine for 70% off!

Cut your paper to the size of the inside of the shadowbox and place it inside. It’s a good Idea to secure it with a dit of glue or piece of tape.

Make sure your glass is clean before sticking on your letters. A good tip when trying to get your words centered is to start with the center letter and work out. When you’re entire phrase is on the glass, embellish it with your paint pen (Mine happens to be a chalk one. Either works great on glass.).

That’s it! Hang and enjoy!
I love looking at mine right next to my computer when I work and I made a cute one with just a black chalk pen for the boys’ teepee area. The options are endless!

DIY Target Art KnockoffDIY Target Art KnockoffDIY Target Art Knockoff

What decor elements have you seen lately that you’re loving?


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