10 Random Things About Me

10 random things about me

It’s my birthday today!  So, in lieu of turning 32 (Can you tell I’m having fun rhyming with my age?), I thought I’d share some random little tidbits about myself that you may or may not know.

These are some of my favorite posts to read.  Everyone you meet is so unique and has experienced things you’d never imagine.  One of the craziest ones I ever heard was when I was in college.  A girl in my department who was petite and fairly soft spoken used to race cars!  What?!  I love that kind of stuff.  Sometimes it’s little things, like being born in another country or having six toes (ok that’s pretty weird) or it can be big stuff, like car racing.

1. I was a contortionist.

10 Random Things about me

Yep, I was one of those freaky bent over backwards kids you can see in Cirque Du Soliel.  Somewhere there’s a picture of me doing a backbend on a fairly small cube.  I remember nights spent at home trying to get over my fear off falling off that thing!  Now, I definitely never got to the professional level by any means, but when I was 10, my dance teacher came up with this crazy (at the time) idea and we took the competitions by surprise.  I’m still pretty flexible at 32 and after 2 pregnancies but I won’t be auditioning for Cirque anytime soon. I still have my splits though!

2. I once dyed my hair black.

This is up there with one of my worst decisions ever in my life.  It was from a box, it faded in patches, and the rest just looked chalky after the first day.  Bad decision….just bad.

3. I was born pigeon toed.

True Story!  I wore a brace and corrective shoes as a kid, both of which my mom still has somewhere.  It’s also the reason I began taking dance.  The doctor suggested it to my mom as a way to reshape my malleable, growing bones.  One of the main focuses of ballet is your turn out and that is the exact opposite of what my feet did.  My shins are technically still somewhat crooked, but you can only tell when my feet are completely relaxed.  Also, my left foot is still pretty stubborn about turning in when I walk.

4. I’ve never been stung by anything.

Nothing.  Ever.  I’ve been bitten by fire ants but I don’t count those.  So, I’m totally that person when a bee comes flying around.  The one flapping and running.

5. My husband and I had our honeymoon in Disney World.10 Random Things about me



This was the best honeymoon ever!  Now, I’ve only been on one, but I think it was the best.  We stayed at the Animal Kingdom resort (hello, giraffes out my window!), we got congratulated everywhere we went because we insisted on wearing our fabulous hats, and we got to be the grand marshals in the Magic Kingdom parade.  It was magical.

6. I will not eat blue cheese.


7.  I’ve never seen any Star Wars movies.

I was not brought up on them, my parents aren’t really into them, and then I never had the desire to watch them.  I think space is cool and I’m down with the sci-fi-fi scene, but there’s one thing that really keeps me from sitting down and marathoning it.  I’m not really that big of a movie person.  I would rather read a book or paint something.  It’s a commitment for me to watch a movie and those things are looooong.

8. I once sold health insurance.

Worst.  Job.  Ever.  Maybe not for some but , for me, this job was literally torture.  I don’t enjoy selling things.  Not like I do know, but direct sales.  I can’t do it.  I can, indeed, take no for an answer which makes me terrible at it.

10 Random Things about me

9.  I learned how to ride a bike when I was 12 (but like closer to 13).

I know, I know.  I was closer to driving a car than I should’ve been but I never really cooperated as a child with my parents when it came to this.  So one day, at the wise old age of twelve, I walked down to my friends’ house and told them I was ready to learn and that I wanted to learn now.  I didn’t even own a bike!  They taught me in one evening and it’s a good thing I learned because the skill came in handy when I went to the College of Charleston.

10. I played viola for 6 years.

From 6th grade through 11th grade, I played the viola.  I have no good reason why I chose the viola, I originally wanted to play the cello.  I did pretty well, was first and second chair throughout most of my playing days, but now I’d be lucky if I could squeak out “Ode To Joy”.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know just a little bit more about me!  What’s something random you’d put on your list?

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