Fingerprint Wreath Ornaments

DIY Fingerprint Ornament

I absolutely love using things my kids have made as decor of the holidays. All the little handprints, foot prints, and crazy painted items have a very special place in our home. If you ask my family though, I tend to have a slight obsession with ornaments. I love putting up the tree and breaking out all the fun ornaments from places we’ve been and the family ones showing how much we’ve grown. This year I decided to make something special for both my boys to make for this year’s tree.

What You’ll Need: Round Ceramic Ornament, Round Sticker, Green Paint, Modge Podge (or other sealant), Red Jewels, E6000 (or other strong adhesive), Paint Pen

DIY Fingerprint Ornament

DIY Fingerprint OrnamentPlace a round sticker (I just created one with some wash tape and parchment paper) on the center of the ornament. Now your kids can go to town putting little green finger prints all over the empty space. Make sure that they stick with just small finger prints rather than spreading it all together.

Let the paint dry then seal it with Modge Podge. Once the sealant is dry you can place your gems around the wreath like holly berries. Using a tooth pick helps keep your fingers from getting too sticky and makes placement easier.

Write a favorite seasonal word (and of course, name and year on the back) in the center and you’re ready to decorate your tree!

Looking forward to finding a special place on the tree for these two!


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