Roman’s Birthday Time Capsule

Roman's Birthday Time Capsule

We are finally at part 3 of Roman’s second birthday party.  Today I want to share with you our little disclaimer from our invitation.

Roman's Birthday Time Capsule

You read that right.  We asked for no gifts. (I am also proud to tell you that I wrote that.  *pats self on back*)

To be completely honest, I have to tell you two things.  One, the original letter idea is not mine, I took it from my neighbors who did the same for their 2 and 3 year old.  Two, I was a little self conscious when I sent these out.  I’m not one to go against the grain or tell people what we do or don’t want for our child.  I mean, if I could, I would put *no toys that make any noise, ever* on every invitation and card and I know I’m not alone in wanting to do that!  But, I’m a stickler for tradition and pleasantries and this was (pardon my pun) pushing the envelope for me.  However, I just loved this idea and figured that Ro is still young enough that he doesn’t fully comprehend what it means to have a birthday.

Roman's Birthday Time Capsule

Another reason I loved this idea, less stuff.  I’ll say it, my kids are spoiled.  Not by my husband and me, though.  They want for nothing and get just about everything they ask for, especially when the grandmas and my aunt are around.  Ro loves to play with Gav’s toys and look at his books, he has a ton of Gav’s hand me downs that are in great condition (some how), so there wasn’t anything he truly needed.  This was pretty much my only opportunity to do this.

Roman's Birthday Time CapsuleRoman's Birthday Time Capsule

Once all of the letters are in, still waiting on a few, we’ll seal it up and keep it somewhere safe.  I wrote mine this past Saturday night and had to hold back the crocodile mama tears.   Just thinking about him reading my words in the future, probably standing much taller than me, just grabbed at my heart.  I am so so glad we did this for him.  We’re also adding a few extra items that are special like his invitation and cake topper.

Roman's Birthday Time Capsule

And, last but not least, I have mention that grandparents and other family can’t help themselves.  Ro did receive a few gifts.  They were perfect and he loves them! I love how much they love these boys!


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