DIY // No Sew Bible Cover

No Sew Bible Cover
Sometimes I get these urges to redo or completely make over something I already have.  My ideas stretch from small things, like a picture frame or a wallet, to big things, like a complete bathroom redesign.  Recently I landed somewhere in between and decided that I was tired fo the way my bible looked.  (Does that sound bad? I love the Bible, I just want mine to be pretty!)  I wanted something new without losing all of the notes, highlights, and my new tabs.  The only option was to create a new cover that I could personalize as I saw fit.

No Sew Bible Cover
On a quick side note, these bible tabs have been the best things ever.  For some reason, I find it difficult to memorize exactly where some of the books are located.  I’ve even done a comprehensive study of the bible (Seamless) and still can’t manage to remember some of them.  Anyway, I found them HERE and you’ll love them.  I even got a set for the hubby in a more manly pattern.

I tried just painting on some words to the front but eventually the paint started chipping off.  This needed a complete coverup.

What You’ll Need: Canvas Fabric, Hot Glue, White Paint

No Sew Bible Cover

No Sew Bible CoverStart by priming the cover with white paint.  This insures that you won’t see any of the old cover through the fabric.  I thought that since canvas is so thick I wouldn’t need to do this but, not so.  Cut out a piece of canvas that is big enough to around both the front and back, plus some extra to fold over, and iron out any wrinkles. No Sew Bible Cover

Starting with the center, snip the fabric to the spine, add a dot of glue and fold into the spine of the book.  Most books have a small gap between the cover and the pages so it should fit nicely.No Sew Bible Cover

Fold the sides over and secure with a thin line of glue.  Cut off most of the excess fabric at the top and bottom, leaving just enough to fold over and create a covered corner.  Secure it all with small amount of glue.  If you use too much glue, it will create lumps or visible lines.No Sew Bible Cover No Sew Bible Cover











No Sew Bible CoverFrom here, you can paint on the canvas with acrylics, paint pens, or leave it as is.  What do you think I should put on mine?


  • Coralisarene

    This is an excellent Bible cover I’m going to try to make it.
    Thanks for being so very clear in ur explanation of what’s needed & samples of how to do it.
    Can i also use strong brown paper bags to make these covers with the exception of the white paint.

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