10 Things I’ve Learned Since Having Boys

10 Things I've Learned Having Boys

Becoming a parent is nothing short of amazing.  As much as it’s tiring, can make you irritable, and can make situations harder, it’s so rewarding.  Literally just having my boys ask for me or miss me, is all the reward I need.  It means I’m needed, that I’m doing a good enough job for them to want to be around me, and that they may not need counseling after all! Just kidding…kinda.  But there are a few things that I never really knew about having boys that would make my parenting experience so different from what I imagined.

As you may, or may not know, I’m a dance teacher.  (You can read more about that HERE.)  This means that I typically teach little girls.  I think I have taught a total of maybe 7 or 8 boys in my 9 years of teaching.  That’s from ages 4 up to 20+.  I don’t have a frame of reference for teaching, let alone raising boys.  I remember the looks on the parents’ faces when I would tell them I was having a boy.  They literally looked at me like “What are YOU gonna do with that?”.  Honestly, I thought the same thing but was excited nonetheless.10 Thins I've Learned Having Boys

All this being said, I’ve now come to learn some of the unique qualities little boys have when it comes to raising them.  Some took a little more getting used to than others but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

1. Point It Down – Yes, I’m talking about THAT it.  Had someone not told me this, Gav would have completely soaked his clothes every day as a baby.  If you don’t make a conscious effort to do this each time you put on a new diaper, it won’t do it by itself and they will pee up.  Also, always cover it.

 2. They Roar – Little boys don’t typically pretend to be sweet, quiet animals.  They want to be dinosaurs, lions, dogs, and any other animal that makes a loud noise.  Heck, sometimes they’re not even pretending, they just want to roar to be loud.  I think of it as little serges of testosterone escaping their body.10 Thins I've Learned Having Boys

3. No Woman Will Ever Seem Good Enough – The second Gav (my first) was born, I looked at him and immediately hated every girl he would ever date.  Yes, I know hate is a strong word but you have to remember, I had just given birth and was completely hormonal.  I’m a Christian woman and I don’t literally hate anyone, certainly not someone that my son would love.  All I can do is pray about who they are, that they also love Jesus, and to keep my opinions to myself.

4. You Will Suddenly Love (Insert Your Least Favorite Sport) – I’ve never been a sports girl.  I never really played one growing up (#dancerforlife!) and it never really interested me.  It also probably didn’t help that my high school football team was terrible and I went to a college with no football team at all. (GO COUGARS! Still undefeated!) With all of that said, my least favorite of all of these is probably baseball.  Yes, that includes golf because that’s the only sport I played.  Naturally, what’s the first sport little Gav played when he was old enough? Tee ball!  Tee ball amounts to tediously slow baseball with 3-4 year olds.  I LOVED it.  The other sport that I seriously cannot get into is soccer.  Guess which one is my child’s sport of choice?  YEP! He loves soccer and I absolutely love watching him play.  I’m that mom on the sideline cheering loudly for my kid.  He’s 5 but he may as well be playing in the World Cup.  I just can’t help myself!

5. You Will Own One Million Things With Wheels – Fact: When you buy your kid their first Hotwheels car, as soon as it enters your house, it will multiply into millions.  This also can be said about Legos and both are painful to step on.  I live in a war zone of teeny tiny mines.10 Thins I've Learned Having Boys

6. People Will Still Ask If He’s A Girl – People don’t want to be wrong.  They don’t want to offend and even if your baby is dressed head to toe in blue and trucks, they will ask if he is a boy or a girl.  Don’t get mad, just tell them and move on.  Now I will say it is irritating when you get asked when they are older which has not happened to me but has happened to my friend.  Her little boy looks nothing like a girl and I have no idea what is wrong with those people.

7. Buy A Costco Membership – Honestly this could just be said for anyone with kids but in particular, those with boys.  They are born with hollow legs that store food for shouting, running, and general rough housing.  It’s scientific.  But seriously, we went through a pound of ham in three days and I get asked for a snack every 3.5 minutes.  Dear Costco, I love you.10 Thins I've Learned Having Boys

8. Everything Is A Playground – Couches, stairs, brick walls, piano benches, people, etc.  These all look exactly the same to little boys.  They are for climbing, sliding, jumping, and flopping on.

9. Your Bathroom Floors Will Always Have Pee On Them – No amount of Lysol, mopping, or other cleaning method will prevent your little boy from immediately peeing and/or spraying on the floor once you’ve cleaned it.  Please do clean it though because, ew gross.  Just know that the smell of pee is now that bathroom’s eau de perfume.10 Thins I've Learned Having Boys

10. Sitting Still Is For Chumps – The moments when my boys sit still for long periods of time (about 5 mintues) I literally can’t do anything.  I sit and stare at them in bewilderment that they are, in fact, still.  It is what it is, they are wild beings that need to be just that, wild.  Gav’s teacher this year put it best.  When you tell the class it’s time to get up and go to the rug, little girls will get up and go to the rug.  Little boys will too, but they will skip, jump, run, spin, bounce, until they get there.

I love being a boy mom.  I never really saw myself as having a little boy, let alone two.  I’ve always been a girly girl in a girl dominated activity/profession so I figured all I knew was being a girl.  I’m still very much a girly girl but I’m learning, every day, what it means to be a boy.

What was the crazyiest thing you’ve learned about having kids?


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