Guest Post // 10 DIYs Using Old Car Parts

Hey there! Today I’m so excited to be sharing a really unique post by Cait from Cait’s Cozy Corner. Being a boy mom, I know my boys would love to have some of these projects done in and around our house! Hope you enjoy it!

When it comes to amazing DIY projects, I love thinking outside the box. Using materials to make into something else has always fascinated me and I’m always inspired by what others can do! A friend of mine loves going to junk yard and finding inspiration there from used car parts and I thought was a fabulous idea. While you look for motor supplies to replace the old parts of your car, you could think about using the old parts to make something completely new. So many old car parts can be upcycled into some of the most phenomenal and creative DIY projects I’ve ever seen! A friend had made a wheel rim fire pit to add to their other patio decor, so it got me thinking about more projects and crafts to make from old car parts. I was astounded to find awesome DIY decor, upcycled furniture ideas, and projects that will go perfectly in the backyard.

I love looking at the different car parts, the rustic and tailored finish that these projects can take hold. In fact, the more I think of it, the more I’d love to add some of these projects to my my own home decor. Some even for a man cave that my husband is thinking of putting together in the next few years. I bet your man would love these projects too! Some of these projects don’t have all the tutorials attached to them but you could purchase or buy them for your own cool DIY inspiration! If you are looking to purchase old car parts, you may also be interested in purchasing a blackbox, you can do this by visiting BlackBoxMyCar.

So what are these cool projects you ask? Well are 10 of some of my favorite motivational projects to work on this summer!

Coil Spring Mail Organizer – This is probably my favorite of all the car parts because I love it’s industrial look! It’s super simple to use the coil spring and without having to do much to it’s detail.

Seat Belt Key Holder – With this new idea of keeping the keys safe and intact, everybody is surely going to be benefited and feel secured at the safe handling of the keys of either his home, locker room or of his car. Another striking factor about this buckle up key holder is its look which makes it attractive, easy to hold and good to be kept hung.

Tire Rim Hose Reel – I’ll be trying to do this at my house this summer because I hate having our hose in one big pile. How cute is this tire rim reel. All you need to do is spray paint it your favorite color, find a rod and grab study nails to put it together! One simple and easy clutter free projects ready in minutes!

Car Ramp Bar Stools – I love how fun and different these bar stools are! Using car ramps adds a bit of flair to each stool and makes for a great statement piece in your home!

Patriotic Bench – This is one of a kind, quite whimsical & won’t blow away in a major wind storm! Using an old tailgate, coils & leaf springs. The wooden seat is recycled old painted outdoor deck boards in a cheery patriotic. Each bench is a little different in size & with the use of one of a kind materials but they are so fun and unique just the same!

Car Hood Head Board – If your son is a huge car lover why not add it to his bedroom with this car hood head board? I love the old rust and the ease of adding this as a fun piece that you know he’ll love and talk with all his friends about. Plus the extra storage in the back is great to hide favorite books!

Car Door Handles – My son would love this simple project to add to his dresser instead of the boring handles he has. Vamp it up with these car door handles!

Headlight Lights – Need extra lighting but not sure where to put them? Why not grab some headlights and mount them to the wall. How unique and easy is that? You can put them high or low depending on what you are wanting to do!

License Plate Garden – One of the most creative ways to use license plates; create a gorgeous flower! You could make one or a whole garden of them to add to your backyard! Better yet, get your children to help too!

Coil Spring Lamp – Another way to use coils is to repurpose it into a lamp for your side table or nook area! Although I’m not an electrician, I’d probably ask for help with this one from a friend who knew a bit about lamps! I just think it’s a great nick nack to add to any room!

Image: Sanford and Son Junk Cars

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What projects would you tackle?

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