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Simple DIY Bunny Baskets for Easter

DIY Bunny Baskets

It’s that time of year again, Easter basket time!  For a while, to be honest, I was a little against Easter baskets.  It felt almost like Valentine’s day to me.  Easter is a time of rejoicing and celebrating our risen savior, not bunnies and baskets and eggs filled with sugar.  But, eventually, the excitement got to me and I figured it was all in fun, we definitely teach our kids about the meaning of Easter (well, right now, the 5 year old), and I decided I was being an Easter scrooge.  Today I’m getting in the spirit with some cute and easy DIY bunny baskets. 

I like to make sure that at least one thing in the basket has to do with our faith but this year I sort of dropped the ball.  But, in my defense, we have some good Easter books already (one from a previous Easter basket) and I was going super simple and frugal this year.  Nothing in the baskets, including the actual baskets, cost more than $4.

DIY Bunny Baskets

These DIY bunny baskets are so simple to make and the bunny parts can be removed so you can repurpose the baskets!

What You’ll Need: Plastic Baskets (these are from Target), Craft Foam Sheet, Markers, Hot Glue

DIY Bunny Baskets DIY Bunny Baskets

Cut out ears and noses from the foam sheet.  Color in the detail with marker then glue the parts to the basket. DONE!  They are seriously that simple yet still super cute!

What’s inside you ask?  Here’s the breakdown:

DIY Bunny Baskets

Ro’s Basket: Basket $1.00 // 2 Reese’s Eggs $0.79 each // Firetruck $2.00 // Bubble Oodles $4.00 – Total: $8.58

DIY Bunny Baskets

Gav’s Basket: Basket $1.00 // Mini Surprise Train Pack $1.00 // Model Plane Kit $1.00 // Bubble Gum Eggs $1.00 // Batman Candy Egg $4.00 – Total: $8.00

Both baskets filled and assembled cost me about $17.00 when you add in the (very very small) cost of the foam.  I love how the boys’ baskets turned out this year and I can’t wait to watch them go through them Easter Sunday!

DIY Bunny Baskets DIY Bunny Baskets

What’s in your Easter baskets this year?

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XO, Kelly




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