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Turning Your Child’s Paintings Into Quote Art

I’ve been making over the boys’ creative corner in our basement for a little while now.  I revamped the art supply stash with some pallet storage and I rehung some of the art that was already there.  But it was definitely still bare.  It needed some color and character.  What better way to add some character than with the two characters I gave birth to?!  I got some paints and let my little Picassos go to town.

What You’ll Need: Washable Paint, Paper, Printer/Scanner, Photo Editing Software

The only reason I mention that these paints should be washable is due to age of the painters.  They can use there fingers, brushes, sponges, whatever they wish.  Let them go crazy on the paper and be sure that they fill it up with color, the more abstract the better.

Once their masterpieces are dry, send them through the scanner and crop them down to 8X10 (or whatever size you’d like to use).  Also, if your little artist is a little heavy handed with the paint, or they really like the darker colors, be sure the lighten up the image. Gav likes the mix everything together most of the time so I did this step with his. Find a quote you love and place a text layer over the art.

Here are the two I created and feel free to download them to use on your own.  Print out the final product and frame it!

I love these two quotes for more than the obvious reason.  I, of course, love what they have to say about creativity but also that they are quotes from men.  Just as we want quotes about strength by women for young girls, I want my boys to know that being creative is not just for girls.  I want them to know that men can be creative, express themselves through art.  Or, at the very least, enjoy getting messy with some paint!

XO, Kelly

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