If you’ve ever looked for a product mockup, you know that free ones are very hard to come by and most you have to pay for.  These can range in price starting at $8 depending on the quality, the shop itself, or how many you get, the price goes up from there.  I love creating free printables but just didn’t want to shell out the money for versatile mockups.  That’s when I decided that I would just make my own and share how to do it with you!

To do this, you’ll need photo editing software.  If you don’t have one, GIMP is a free program that you can download.  I used it for years before I got photoshop and loved it.  The options may have different names but many offer the same actions.  Along with a blank frame, gather some items you like to display with the printable and find a large background.  Sometimes this can be as easy as using some poster board.  You can also use multiple pieces and use THIS TUTORIAL to make it seamless.

My back deck worked well for me and I love the weathered wood look.  Now you can take your photos.  Try different arrangements and orientations of the frame so that you end up with plenty to choose from.

Once you’ve taken the photos, its time to edit.  First you’ll want to edit the picture so that the lighting and color looks the way you want it.  (Also edit out anything unwanted, like my toes in a few of the pics!)  Most of the time I use “Layers” and “Brightness/Contrast” to brighten and highlight my photos.  Next, you’re going to take out what’s in the frame.First, using the polygonal lasso tool, select the area inside the frame.  Create a new layer an make sure it in underneath the main layer.  (If you are using photoshop, you will have to unlock the background layer)  Make sure you working in the main layer and then erase the selected area.  You’ll be left with a transparent space.

Save this new file as a .psd (or a file that keeps the layers separate) so that you can easily change out the print.When you insert your print, just make sure it is in between your main photo layer and the new transparent one.  Now you can save the whole image as a .jpeg and you can a new product/print display ready to go!


You can check out more “How-tos” by clicking HERE.

Be sure the to download the free print!  XO, Kelly