Looking Back and Looking Forward

Looking forward in 2017

So, clearly there’s been a big change and I’m ridiculously excited about it!  I have officially switched to WordPress, rebranded a bit and I’m so ready to get back to more consistent blogging.  There are still parts of the site that aren’t quite up to par yet (oh you know, like my about page that has been MIA for about 3 months!  *facepalm*) but they are coming! Now that we’ve had the chance to be in the new year for one whole week, I thought I’d take a look back and share some favorite moments from 2016 and some of the things I’m looking to accomplish in the next year.

Some of the highlights would have to be:

Turning the big 3-0

My grandfather moving down here to Georgia

Gav starting Tae Kwon Do

Our annual trip to Virginia which included Ro’s first trip to the beach and both boys going to the aquarium for the first time

Gav starting Pre-K

Getting baptized

Beginning my journey as a high school ministry leader

Ro’s first birthday

Climbing Stone Mountain as a family

Our anniversary trip to Asheville

Ro’s baby dedication at church

Growing in my faith personally and in my marriage

2016, while not the most popular opinion, was a pretty good year on the whole for me.  It was one of tremendous growth as an individual, hard growth, but I refuse to look back on the year negatively.  God has a plan and when things go awry, He makes them work for his good.  It’s so difficult to see that in those moments, but now that I’m on the other side, I can see it.  He makes all things work together for my, your, OUR good.

As for the new year, I’m ready to grab it by the horns like a crazy rodeo clown!  The two words that I’ve chosen to focus on are calm and courageous. (rooted in John 14:27)  If you follow me on Instagram, I posted a little print I made as a reminder.  I plan to look to scripture and prayer much more often in order to achieve my goals and continue growing.  I have found my voice in the last year and I plan to work hard at expressing myself in a positive yet assertive manner.   As for calm, a lot of that has to do with my parenting and my relationship with my husband.  Even though I don’t talk much about it, I don’t hide the fact that I take medication for anxiety and depression.  It’s not a source of embarrassment for me and I plan to write a little more about that.  But I’ve not been as diligent with taking my meds or looking to God for guidance in this area.  I fear that my children (mainly Gav since he is older) and my husband have taken the brunt of it.  So I am praying for calm and the Spirit’s peace to wash over me and through me in order to serve them better, the way they deserve.  And I’d like to toot my own horn a sec and say that I totally did better this past Sunday when we were UBER late to church!

Speaking of this past Sunday, our church began a new series which is actually a revisiting of one from last year.  Same series name, new lessons.  It’s called Double Dog Dare (part Deux) and it’s all about challenges and going after a better life.  (You can find the sermons weekly online HERE if you’d like to take a look.) This Sunday’s sermon was all about pushing yourself and part of that means going public with your goals.  An accountability sort of action, if you will.  So here is my public declaration of my main goals:

Waking up early to put God first in my day

Reading more (the ultimate goal is a minimum of 12 books)

Write more (blog-wise and towards my life goal of writing a book)

That’s it.  Nothing more but nothing less.  I let myself slip in each of these areas last year and I want to make a better effort this time around.   Let’s go out and get it this year!

What are some of your goals for 2017?

XO, Kelly




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