I keep typing and deleting this post 5 million times.  At first, it was turning out to be a vent session but that’s just not me.  As I typed up all the things on my mind, including the actual pain that is, I’m pretty sure, a cluster headache, I realized how trivial and “first world problem”-y it all was.  Yeah, I have a long to do list, but I’ll get it done.  It’ll all get done.  So instead, I’m sharing a picture of my fun little faux pumpkin piece which is a result of my attempt to actually do things from Pinterest again.  You can check out my Pinterest “bucket list” HERE.

Also, pumpkin spice glazed pepitas from Target are amazing.  Run, buy some, and thank me later!  Oh fall, I’m so glad you’re here!  See…positivity. It’s a beautiful thing.

Happy Wednesday, y’all!  Keep your heads up, praise the Lord that you’re here, and bust you way through the rest of the week.  In other words…”Wake. Pray. Slay!”

XO, Kelly