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Roman’s Lumberjack Bash

Finally the day came for the big party!  I made as much as a could for this one and had been planning it since about July.  Ok…ok…to be honest, I knew his theme from about the time he was born.  I’m weird like that.  Anyway, I wanted to have as much for the party that I could and by starting so early, it was definitely more affordable.

Luckily, a lumberjack theme is a great one for this time of year because many stores are already setting up for the holiday season.  There was plenty of fall and Christmas decor to inspire me!

Perusing Pinterest can be quite daunting sometimes so I pared the menu down to what I knew most people would like and what would be easy to prepare.  Also, with a brunch menu, had to have mimosas and coffee!  After a morning of putting all the food together my house smelled like bacon for a few hours and it was awesome (PS: Baking bacon is the best!)  I definitely bought too many pancakes but at least my boys love them and now they have breakfast until they’re 25.

On to the cake/cakes.  Usually, my mom and aunt are in charge of the cake (See Gav’s construction cake HERE.  They NAILED it! Ha!).  This year they found an ice cream cake that looked like a log and decided that they would order two.

Come the day of the party however, Baskin Robbin’s didn’t have our order.  Yep, no log cakes.  But they did give us a delicious cookies cream cake that was even bigger so, ya know, it’s all good.  But I definitely wanted a smash cake for Ro.  I had been swooning over all of the “naked cakes” on Pinterest and thought they would be perfect.  Through the hustle and bustle of the party prep, I suddenly became in charge of making the cake.  Now, I’ve made cake before but not to be presentable or pretty or anything like that.  I’ve made cupcakes but my icing job is always pretty disappointing but I was determined to give this a shot.

I’m happy to report that it turned out great.  I was (still kind of am) very proud of myself!  The “ONE” topper will have a DIY coming soon to the Pretty Providence blog so stay tuned.  The bear candle is just a figurine that I dug a screwdriver into and hot glued a candle in.  Be careful with hot gluing a candle though, obvious they melt!  (Side Note: The awesome hubby cut the wood slices from an old tree we cut down in our front yard!)

The thank you bags were a fun little addition and something for the guests to take home or eat on the way home.  I also knew that I would have a few smaller guests and wanted to give them a little something extra.  Their bags were filled with some bubbles, red foil wrapped kisses, a glow bracelet, some woodland creature tattoos, and gummy BEARS, of course!

Then it came time for celebrating and smash caking.  Ro quickly got the hang of it and I even snuck a  icing filled kiss in there!

We had such a wonderful time and want thank everyone for coming out to celebrate our burly little lumberjack!

XO, Kelly
PS: Huge thank you to my friend Talie for taking photos for us!!


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