Germaphobe Mom with Leneille

I’m a Germaphobe mom.

I didn’t realize how much of a Germaphobe I was until I gave birth. Up until that day I thought I had everything under control. I was completely wrong on how life was/is until I held my baby boy in my arms for the first time. First of all, I clearly told the nursing staff prior to delivery that they were to clean the baby off before handing him to me. For some odd reason right after he was pulled out they dropped him on my stomach. 
I cried tears of joy but I wouldn’t touch him. I just couldn’t. My fingers wiggled in the air inches above his sweet little body and I motioned for the nurses to bath him please because I just couldn’t touch him with that slimy, icky white film on him. And to think he wasn’t even “dirty” yet.
Literally years have gone by and honestly I haven’t got any better. In fact I believe my utter hatred for germs has only multiplied as my family has increased and now I think I’ve rubbed off on my poor innocent little children, well I take that back it’s so not the case. 
I wake up in the morning rushing to brush my teeth and theirs because the thought of allowing those overnight mouth germs to linger in the air frightens me. Even when my sweet boys come into my room saying “Hey Mommy” all I can think about is “I don’t want to smell anything right now” and I rush them into the bathroom. 
After beds are made and they are dressed we’re off to the playground. Well I take that back we are off to the Turf field because there are way too many kids at the playground and we all know what that means. GERM CITY. I brought the soccer ball they better run around and play with that for 45 mins. I spread out my king size blankets and place all the baby’s favorite toys on it, only for her to crawl off 60 seconds later to munch on the leaf laying next to us. I freak out, pop my pinkie (my “least dirty finger”) in her mouth to pry it out. The boys are bored to death with each other and I figure this has got to be enough so 10 mins later we’re back in the car headed home. After a sanitizer spray of course.
As soon as we’re back home the kids have to take off their socks and shoes immediately I have no time to clean the floors right now with those outside germs coming in. They have change their clothes in lightening speed in hopes of leaving those playground germs back at the park, then its hand-washing time…baby included Lord knows what was on that leaf. 
I’m writing this and I feel horrible. I feel like I’m the worst mom on earth. See my mother is a nurse and she always preached to me the importance of proper hand-washing skills and keeping germs away as much as possible so to stay healthy. Maybe that’s why I go through hand soap so often or that I am constantly wiping down the light switches and doorknobs with Lysol wipes but when will I be able to let my kids actually be kids? What does that even mean anyway? So you don’t panic at the sound of a sneeze in the closed window car? Hmm maybe its my own little crazy, but it’s who I am…maybe I should buy stock in Clorox.
Mother of 3 under the age of 5: Braylon, Chance & Ivy

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