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Ready, Set, Craft Challenge // Family Photos

If you’re anything like me, you love having pictures of your family all over your house.  We have so many wonderful photos around our house but they are, mainly, in frames.  Maybe one or two aren’t but, for the most part, what else do you do with them to display them?  This is exactly what made this craft item so challenging for me.  And I loved it!

When I started just thinking about things we might need around the house, our dry erase board came to mind.  It was getting pretty dingy, it was small, and our little family was starting to get pretty busy with Gav going to Pre-K, all his actives, and my husband and I wanting to volunteer more at church.  My husband and I are always trying to keep up with the important dates and schedules and sometimes we just forget to tell the other or forget what the other told us.  (That happens ALOT!)  Then there is Roman’s little feeding schedule which is pretty open, but when my parents or in-laws babysit, it’s nice to have something for them to look at so they know what exactly he needs.  That’s when I decided to chuck the old dry erase board and revamp a bigger one into a family info board.

What You’ll Need: Large Magnetic Dry Erase Board, Picture of Each Family Member, Lamination sheet, Sticky Back Magnets, Thin Washi Tape, Exacto Knife

To get even sized pictures of each member of my family, I used Lipix (an app on my phone) to create one single image that I could cut up. This definitely works best if you have an even number of family members. Our printer is on the fritz so I sent it off to a store to be printed but you can use regular paper from your printer and save a $1.50.  I had mine printed as a 5×5.

Cut out each picture, I did a little extra trimming to allow for more room on the board, and laminate them.  I used a heat laminator but they also sell self-laminating sheets if you don’t have one.  Cut the picture out of the lamination and place a small piece of magnet on the back.  My main reasons for using magnets instead of just taping/gluing them on are one, I didn’t want to ruin the board in case I eventually want to reuse it and two, the boys are going to change so I want to be able to change their pictures to reflect them.

Using the washi tape, tape off a section for each picture and trim with an exacto knife.  Now you have a place for each member and all of their info!

I love how clean and simple this ended up looking.  It really helps soothe my OCD. Ha!  If you have any projects using your own fabulous family photos, come link up with us at the bottom of the post!

Want to join in next month?  Our craft item for September is:

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Happy Crafting!
XO, Kelly


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