Little Happy Corners // Living Room Mantle

Y’all…these past couple of weeks have been nothing but straight up adulting! There has been a surgery, schedule conflicts and reorganizing, one kid with an eye problem, both kids on a breathing treatment, party plan/prep, etc.  I’ve had to let some things go here and there for the time being and, unfortunately, one of those things was this wonderful little space of mine.  I hate that, but it happens.  Slowly but surely, we’re getting back in a groove, finding new ways to tackle different issues and so on and so forth.

So today I want to share with you one of my happy spots in our house, the mantle in our living room. This little space has undergone a few makeovers over the two and a half years that we’ve lived here but this is, by far, my favorite one.  I don’t really see this changing anytime soon.  It’s bright, soft, and cheerful with family heirlooms, keepsakes, and good vibes.  Enjoy!

The window is one of three that hubby picked up at a garage sale for me at a steal of a price.  All three for $15!

The cameras were pasted down to me by my mom and belong to my great grandfather.  One of them, not sure if it’s one of these or one that sits on our piano (you’ll see that one of these days when I finish that area!), was actually made by him.

This little book is very special to my husband and me.  It held our rings on our wedding day.  Some of the details on it are from my grandmother’s jewelry box.

XO, Kelly

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