What Being A __________ Mom Means To Me

I could fill that blank with so many different words.  As mothers, we wear five million and one hats while trying to change a diaper and snacking on whatever is leftover from the older child(red)’s lunch.  But there are also things that set us apart from others and mold us into the kind of moms that our children need.  God gives us these beautiful blessings we call our children for a reason.  There is a reason I don’t have girls and there is a reason that Gav is so strong willed.  There is a reason that Ro is so easy going and there’s a reason why breastfeeding just didn’t work for me.

This is a journey.  The word journey is defined as such:

  1. 1
    an act of traveling from one place to another.
  1. 1
    travel somewhere.

And that is exactly what we do as moms.  We travel both literally (i.e. soccer games, summer camps, grocery store, etc.) and figuratively.  We are navigating from one stage of our children’s lives to the next, adjusting to what that new environment means for them and us.  You know exactly what I mean if you’ve ever transitioned to the wonderful age of three (or two if that age was more challenging for you)!

Here’s how I would fill that blank:

Boy Mom
Christian Mom
Medicated Mom
SAHM and Working Mom
Formula Feeding Mom
Blogging Mom
Baby Wearing Mom

The blank can also be flipped to the other side…

Mom of Two
Mom Who Had an Epidural

The possibilities are endless because our rolls are endless.  Our situations and circumstances are wonderfully diverse and I want to hear from you!  Have a story to tell?  Of course you do!  You’re a mom!  Shoot me an email ( because I would love to share YOUR story!  I’m calling this The *Blank* Mom Series and every couple of weeks or so, I’ll be sharing a mom’s story as well as my own here and there because we need to know we’re not alone.  We need to know that there are other moms that are going through the same struggles and we need support.  Last, but certainly not least, we need to laugh because, sometimes, this journey is just plain hysterical and crazy and if we don’t laugh, we’ll go crazy. (Unless you’re already there, in which case, I’m with you!)

How do YOU fill that blank?

XO, Kelly


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