Ten Little Things #132

Happy Fourth of July!!  Happy to be spending the holiday with family and hope that you are as well or at the very least, you (more than likely) have the day off!

1. Finishing up my recent painting
2. Starbucks stop with the baby
3. Trying out a recipe from Tasty (it’s amazing!)
4. Finding stirrup leggings at a thrift store (No, I didn’t buy them but they made me happy!)
5. Gav doing a chore that I didn’t even ask him to
6. Baby snuggles
7. Gav got the sportsmanship medal at soccer this week!
8. Tried out Zoe’s Kitchen for the first time…yummy!
9. Being silly on Snapchat with Gav
10. One whole week off work!  Vacay!

What brought YOU joy this past week?
XO, Kelly

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