Ready, Set, Craft Challenge // Chalkboard Paint

We’ve been working on a our budget lately and have decided to really hone in on a few things.  A lot of what we would like to do has to do with home improvements and those can cost quite a bit of dough!  This doesn’t really leave much room to save for much else.  However, we have budgeted a little weekly personal money for my hubby and I to do whatever we’d like.  We each get $20 week for whatever. If that gets spent by Tuesday, then that’s it for the week.  With this, I’ve decided to start saving for a new camera.  My current one has been oh so good to me and was a Christmas gift about seven years ago.  She’s on her way out though since technology updates itself just about every 5 seconds.  Each week I’ll save some of my weekly spending money and, eventually, it’ll add up to what I need.  The more diligent (read: self disciplined) I am, the quicker I can get it!

So I thought, with this month’s challenge, I’d make myself something to collect it all and see the saving progress.

What You’ll Need: Old Plastic Container, Tape, Chalkboard Paint, Exacto Knife, Sand Paper, Acrylic Paint (optional), Sharpie, Chalk

Tape off a section of the container and paint on the chalkboard.  Be sure to follow the directions for how many layers and how to cure it.

While the chalkboard is drying, draw and cut out the money slot from the container lid.  Sand down any rough edges.  I originally, as you can see in the pictures, drew out a much smaller slot.  As soon as I started cutting with the knife, it cracked but I made it work!  Paint the lid if you wish or you can leave it as is.  If you choose to paint it, use a sealant (i.e. Modge Podge) to keep it from peeling or cracking from use.

Use the sharpie to write the words “saving for…” just above the chalkboard.  Once the chalkboard section is ready to write on, fill in the blank with whatever you’re saving for!

It may take awhile, but it’s going to be so exciting when I finally get it!  What are you currently wanting to save for?

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Happy Crafting!
XO, Kelly

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