Getting Ready For A Screen Free Week

You read that right!  I’m taking on the challenge to go (mostly) screen free for a whole week.  Why mostly? For one, I will still be working at night and while other people are watching the boys, I won’t make them adhere to it.  I know that some will scoff at that and say that these are my kids and I can enforce what I want to.  But I’m not, because we have parents that are generous enough to watch the boys and we don’t have to pay for child care so if they want the TV on, fine by me.

Second, I’ll still be watching a show here or there after the boys are in bed and I’d like to keep up my blogging and instagramming as well.  This is mainly for Gav.  I think that sometimes I rely on TV or movies a bit too much when I need to do things around the house.  Even if it’s just as background noise.  Gav will watch things periodically, but a lot of times he’s not sitting and staring like a zombie.  I will also say that since he mainly watches educational TV, i.e. PBS, he’s actually learned a good bit from it.  But I want to do this for myself as well.  I want to be a little more present, especially at the stages that my boys are in.

So what in the world are we going to do?!

Our days will still be structured but there will be more quiet time.  I plan to do crafts, painting, and plenty of outside time.  It’s blazing hot here in Georgia so the pool is always an option.

Gav’s “half birthday” falls during this week so we’ll bake a little cake for it.  I want to get him more involved with what I do around the house.  From cooking to cleaning to everything in-between.  He’s at the age where he can help out more and should.

I think my favorite daily activity we’ll be doing is reading.  I checked out a book from the library, our first chapter book together, and we’ll read a chapter at a time.  Gav’s attention span is all over the place and this will be good to help him focus and also work a little bit on his comprehension and listening.  Just a chapter at a time and, if he wants to read more, I definitely will!

My goal for this week is to show Gav that he doesn’t need TV all the time.  His time does not have to be occupied every single second like it is with an iPad in hand.  He’s growing up in a time where we are constantly entertained, always with a device in our hand, and instantly given what we want when we want it.  His generation doesn’t know life without technology and I want to show him that it isn’t so bad.

What are some activities we should incorporate into our screen free week?  I’d love more suggestions!

XO, Kelly

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