Little Happy Corners // Creative Learning Corner

Our basement serves as more of a family room than any other space in our home.  The built in bookshelves/desk is down there, the TV, Gav’s playroom and so on.  I’ve enjoyed transforming the space from wide open and empty, to sectioned off and purposeful.  Once I had divided the basement up, I was left with this spare corner.  That’s when Gav’s (and eventually Ro’s too) creative corner was born!

His Ikea table and chairs was probably the best $20 bucks I’ve ever spent there!  It’s the same one that you see in all of the awesome hack DIYs on Pinterest.  The Hanging cups and organizer are also Ikea purchases.  The rest is pretty much all thrift and yard sale finds.

A lot of fun, child/boyish art and plenty of supplies.  The Angry Bird tin holds a plethora of stickers and the posters are from Scholastic book orders from Gav’s preschool.

I love this little arts and learning center and eventually it can evolve as the boys get older and need more of a homework station.
XO, Kelly


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