Instagram is an ever growing beast of a platform.  Every day I’m sure there are countless new members and a bi-jillion (yeah, bi-jillion) new photos ranging from sweet babies, to products, to exotic places. I’m not surprised that people opt to use the services of marketing specialists such as Buzzoid | Instagram Growth Agency, in the hopes of building their following to a level where they are on the same level as some of the other influencers they follow. You have to do what you’ve got to do. I’ve seen a number of posts about what you shouldn’t post on Instagram and the like.  Well today I give you a list of what you should post on Instagram.  And yes, I’m (proudly) guilty of every single one!

1. Your Kids

Last time I checked, they are your kids, and it is your account.  If Instagram is how you choose to share their pictures with family, or to document their growth, or whatever, do it!  Some people have a large following and I get that they may not want to for fear of their child(ren)’s image being used without their permission.  That makes sense.  But if you’re not posting for fear that people may unfollow you (which that shouldn’t matter at all, life is not about followers) or that someone may be annoyed that you posted eight pictures of your kid, that’s crazy.  Post one, post them all!  Babies and kids are adorable and anyone that’s going to unfollow you because of that probably hates puppies too.

2. Your Food

Did you just have the best meal of your life?  Can’t resist taking a picture of that gorgeous array of desserts?  Post that ‘ish!  I love food, and clearly you do too.  If someone gets annoyed that you post a picture of your breakfast or your delicious looking ice cream cone against a brick wall backdrop, that’s their problem.  What about all of the famous painters that painted still life?  Paintings of fruit in a bowl?  I’m sure someone thought that was dumb back in the day too.  And no, I’m not comparing Insta-food to a Matisse, I’m just saying food can be pretty and should be photographed whenever you want.  This goes for coffee too because coffee if delightful and beautiful!

3. Selfies

Do you love your selfie?  Are you super excited about your outfit or the fabulous hair day you’re having?  I want to see it!  I don’t care how many times it took you to take the perfect picture, although I sincerely hope it didn’t take too long.  If you’re happy and proud of who you are and how you look, that’s beautiful!  I don’t post too many myself because half the time I’m still in sweatpants and no makeup at 2 PM and don’t nobody want to see that.  I like, as I’m sure you do too, to put my best foot forward.  If someone thinks that you’re posting them to be vain or you want to appear perfect, than tell me who doesn’t?  We’re all a little vain I think, we like to look good.  Nothing wrong with that!

4. Pictures of Your Feet

I know these annoy a number of people but I’m not really sure why.  Have nice shoes on?  Post those bad boys.  Feel like being artistic?  Get your Annie Leibovitz on!  Sometimes I’m standing on a really cool floor and I think it’s pretty.  I like pretty things, don’t you?

Basically, post whatever you want!  Well anything as long as it’s not, you know, inappropriate.  Don’t get yourself reported!  But just remember, it’s your account, your life, your memories.  If you want to remember something by documenting it on Instagram, go right ahead!  Don’t let a silly article, the threat of losing followers, or nay sayers dictate what you can and can’t post.

This also goes for bloggers that have one account for personal pics and their blog.  I’ve heard bloggers get worried about posting too much about their blog and people getting irritated by it.  Really?  That’s ridiculous.  If someone is following you for your personal pictures, to keep up with your life, then they should have no problem with your posts about your blog.  That’s part of your life!  So post away my fellow Insta-holics!  And while we’re at it, you wanna use fifty hashtags on one picture?  Do it!  Hashtag your little heart out!

Happy Gramming!
XO, Kelly

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