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time a new season comes up, I have a list of things I’d like to do.  For example, when fall rolls around, it’s pumpkin patches and apple picking and for spring it’s usually plant flowers and fly kites. (HERE is a printable spring bucket list!)  Then, for some reason or another, I never really get around to doing those things, like apple picking.  I’ve literally never done that! So I wanted a way to sort of hold myself accountable and actually cross those things of my list.

So for this month’s challenge, which was paper, I came up with a way to display our seasonal bucket list and keep track of all the things we’d like to do.  It’s also a great way to involve little ones in planning fun activities.

What You’ll Need: Cardstock, Construction Paper, Laminating Sheets (heat or self sealing), Velcro, Magnet Sheet

Sketch out a bucket on the cardstock and outline it with black marker.  I just drew some straight lines, and oval, and a handle.  Then cut out some squares from the construction paper for the season names.
I choose two colors per season just for fun but you could also cut out strips for one color to use for the names if you’d like to skip this next step.
Write out the names on the squares and tape the backs for them together.
Next, cut out some shapes for your bucket list items.  I went with stars since I feel like they pretty much go with each season.
Place all of the paper pieces in your laminating sheets and seal them.  After you cut the smaller pieces out, place some velcro on the back of each.
On the back of the bucket, glue/stick on three more pieces of velcro to store the extra seasons.  Cut out two strips of magnet and glue them on as well.
Using a dry erase marker, write your items on the stars (or whatever shapes you chose) and stick them on the bucket!
We keep ours prominently displayed on our fridge so we can always see it.
What’s on your bucket list for summer?  
Want to jump in on the challenge for next month?  Here’s our June craft item:
If you have a DIY that involves paper, we’d love to have to link up below and show us your stuff!
Happy crafting!
XO, Kelly

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