DIY Summer Wreath

About a month ago I shared on my personal FB that we had some unexpected guests show up at our front door.  And I mean that literally.  
A mama robin decided that behind our little wreath was a great place to make a nest.  She then proceed to fill it, and I mean FILL IT, with eggs.

After a bit of research, we found out that these birds typically only lay, at most, 3 eggs which means that the other two are likely from another bird laying their eggs in said nest.  Great, so we have TWO really stupid birds that think a wreath hanging on a highly trafficked door is a great place to nest.  But even though this was a bit of an inconvenience, and not so great for my mom since birds are her number one fear, we were kind of excited to get to witness this nature show up close and personal.  The nest was so intricate and nothing short of amazing.  You could even see bits of twine and grass woven in it!  Sadly, this doesn’t have a happy ending.

Since the mama couldn’t stay on the nest for long enough periods of time, the eggs never hatched and she eventually abandoned the nest.  To make matters worse, we were advised not to keep the wreath, even if we bleached it, due to the diseases and parasites many birds carry.  Bye bye wreath!

So, I had to make a new one and here’s how I sort of recreated the one I had made previously.  What I liked so much about the old wreath was that I could change out the flowers for each season making it pretty yet very cost effective.  Click these links to see the WINTER and SPRING ones!

What You’ll Need:  Natural Wreath Form, Mini Chalkboard (or you can make one) Twine, Faux Flowers, Pinwheel

I loved the chalkboard on the old wreath but they stopped selling them at Michael’s.  (UGH!  First world problems!)  I could have gone with a regular chalkboard but there was something about the gray one that I just couldn’t let go.  So I made one…

DIY Chalkboard

What You’ll Need: Frame, Wood Plaque, Paint, Chalkboard Paint Medium

Paint the plaque and let dry completely.  Following the instructions, apply the chalkboard medium and cure for a full 24 hours.  Glue the plaque to the frame and you’re ready to attach it to the wreath.

Staple even lengths of twine to the four corners of the chalkboard.  Weave them through the wreath and tie them tightly together.  Weave few, longer, lengths of twine through the top and tie the ends together.  This will be your hanger.

Snip the flower stems and weave them into the wreath.  Slip in the pinwheel and write a seasonal message.  Now you’re good to go!

To prevent any more avian guests, I stuck one of Gav’s mini plastic snakes in the back to deter nesting notions.

Bring on the sunny days and vacation time!
XO, Kelly

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