DIY Peg Person Keychain

Peg people are so fun!  There are so many handmade shops that make incredible custom orders and popular characters.  They are also great for little hands to play with but this is a different sort of project.  It’s no surprise that I love my boys and I love to have something on my just about all the time that represents them.  I have pictures on my phone, they are my lock screen, and my favorite is my bracelet that has both of their names on it.  Then, one day, this idea popped in my head and I had to go for it!

What You’ll Need: Unfinished Wooden Peg Figure, Screw Eye, Paint, Sealant (i.e. Modge Podge, etc.), Super Glue, Key Ring

Start by screwing in the screw eye (found mine in the hardware section of Walmart) into the top of the peg figure and take it back out.

Paint your figure any way you like.  You can be as detailed or simple as your artistic abilities allow.  Since I wanted one for Gav and one for Ro, I opted to tape off half of the peg and paint one boy on each side.  Once it’s dry, paint or spray on the sealant.

Drop some super glue into the screw hole and place the screw back in the peg.  Allow it to dry then add the key ring.

This would make a great gift for Fathers Day!  What I like about it, besides the fact that it represents my babies, is that it’s light weight and doesn’t add more bulk to my keys!

This would also be fun to paint on your favorite characters.  What would you paint on your peg person?

XO, Kelly

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