Ready, Set, Craft Challenge // Fabric Dye

So I was all set and ready to go with this challenge.  I got to pick the item this month, I got a project in my head…and then I went for it.  MAJOR FAIL!  It’s that utter disappointment only an avid DIYer can feel when the project that looked so good in your head turns out looking like a hot hot mess.  So there had to be a plan B.  Well let’s just say that I am so excited with how this turned out that I’m not even upset (ok maybe still a little upset) that the first one didn’t turn out.  Turns out there was a plan C too and I’ll share that in another post!

What You’ll Need: Four Mini Canvases, Tie Dye, Large Container, Towel, Paint Pen (optional)

Fill your container with water and dump the entire bottle of powder in it.  Try to make the solution pretty saturated with color by having less water for the pigment to dissolve into but still enough to dunk in the canvases.  Start dipping the canvases one at a time into the dye.  When you pull them out, let the color run over the canvas in different ways to create the desired look.  Set them aside to dry for about 10-15 minutes.

Repeat the dipping/drying process, making sure you angel the canvases in different ways with each dip, as many times as needed until you reach your finished look.

Once they are completely dry you can display them as is, write a fun message (this was for my mom so I wrote her a nice reminder), or you could even glue them to a bigger canvas or piece of wood for easier hanging.

Have a project you’ve done and love that involves fabric dye?  We’d love to see it!  Be sure to link it up at the bottom of the post and visit my co-hosts as well to see what fabulous things they created.

Want to join in next month?  May’s item is:

image via Unsplash

Happy Crafting!
XO, Kelly


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